Black Plaits Hairstyles

Black women have been experimenting with their hair for centuries; now, more than ever, they are exploring its entire range. From intricately braided bobs to technicolor wigs, endless styles, and braid designs celebrate cultural values as much as aesthetics.


Cornrows are a timeless braided style ideal for black women. Wear them alone or combine them with other braided looks like locs, 3-strand twists, and afro-puffs for an eye-catching look!

Mixing textures is an excellent way to add dimension and flair to your cornrows. Try alternating chunky, thin, and regular-sized braids for an eye-catching and elegant style, perfect for special events or adding flair to casual looks.

An attractive variation of this style is zig-zag cornrows, created by parting your hair in an undulating zig-zag pattern and braiding each section individually. This technique offers many design possibilities and works well on coarse or thicker locks.

Beads or gold cuffs are another effective way to elevate a cornrow hairstyle, as proven by FKA Twigs’ example. Extensions may also give your cornrows a fuller appearance.

Long Braids

Long braids are an effortless way to add feminine flair. Easy to style and versatile enough for wear in different settings, long braids make an elegant statement on any occasion.

Choose a traditional fishtail twist or sleek ponytail, or weave them together for a wrap-around braid look or high bun updo style for maximum femininity.

If your hair is sensitive, choosing jumbo loose twists or Marley braids over cornrows could prevent scalp irritation and last up to six weeks, depending on how often you wash and care for your locks.

Janelle Monae has made this low-maintenance look her trademark; she often wears her box braids in a half-up/half-down style that contrasts formality with flair in the back. Box braids also add volume and body to fine, flat locks.

You could also wear this style for a full ponytail or messy bun look.

Asymmetrical Ghana Braids

For an eye-catching yet simple-to-maintain look, asymmetrical Ghana braids may be just what’s needed. This style uses five strands of hair to form two neat braids on either side of your head using five separate braid plaits.

Braids can then be styled however you like, with sleek or curvilinear braids or even angles that give this braid its signature look – as unique and classy as its wearer is


Stitch braids may be for you if you want a more intricate style. These intricate braids use alternate thin and thick cornrows to form stunning designs that add personality and flair to any look.

Another way to elevate symmetrical braids is with color. Adding hue splashes, the ombre can immediately give asymmetrical braids more dimension and drama.

Upright Braids

Upright braids make a dramatic statement when worn atop a high ponytail or half-up style, yet this versatile look can also be achieved as half-up styling. Easy to accomplish, this textured style compliments beads and yarn accessories beautifully!

Patience will be required when creating this style, which takes longer than other braids but delivers excellent results. Perfect for adding an extra flair to regular box braids and can accommodate women of various hair textures, this style makes an impressionful statement about your individuality and creativity.

Try a twisted-up version of this classic black plait hairstyle for a chic, feminine style that works on many lengths and occasions. Perfect for date nights and other special events, its simplicity will not overpower any outfit – begin with narrow cornrows secured by small elastics, then twist each section of hair in your ponytail for maximum effect.