Voluminous curls make this style both feminine and sophisticated, lending it a chic aesthetic. Use a hair oil or cream suitable for ethnic hair textures to avoid breakage and moisturize curls.

Showing natural Black hair onscreen helps normalize it for non-Black audiences while simultaneously encouraging self-love among its recipients, which explains why the cast of “Black-ish” wore cornrows, box braids, sponge-brushed curls, flat twists, and Afro puffs onscreen.

Thick Bronze Curls – Thick bronze curls are an easy natural hairstyle for black people of various lengths that’s ideal for black people with natural hair. They look stunning when accented with side parts and jewelry for an eye-catching look. To maintain this healthy style, use products designed to enhance curls, then refresh with water spray for quick refreshments throughout the day.

Try the curly mohawk (commonly called a “frohawk”) for an edgier hairstyle. This bold style features shaved sides and cute ringlets that balance masculinity with femininity – ideal for black women seeking to express themselves through their hairstyles.

Bantu knots are another way to show off your gorgeous locks by protecting strands from breakage and decreasing exposure to heat when styling. You can achieve these styles on any hair length. They’re also great options for those concerned with using too much heat on their locks when styling!

Side Part Curls – No matter the style of your locks – loose natural curls or straight kinks – side parting them can add dimension and enhance their beauty. It’s an easy and stylish hairstyle perfect for formal events, such as parties or weddings; keep them hydrated with moisture-retaining products like curl-defining gel or viscous oil!

Yara Shahidi loves this deep side-part style that combines windswept volume with an asymmetrical cut for an eye-catching hairdo. This look works exceptionally well on type 4 kinky or curly locks.

Curly afros are in and trendy but sometimes feel too casual for daily wear. Therefore, many black women like to add something different to their style with an eye-framing frohawk or mohawk to add something extra cool-girl and dramatic – Oscar winner Viola Davis epitomizes this look, which pairs wonderfully with deep side parts and is perfect for special events like red carpet events!

Complete Natural Afro Ponytail – The Afro Hairstyle is more than a hairdo–it represents pride and strength among black women. Ideal for showing off natural textures, it can be styled for different events according to mood or occasion. Create a beautiful feminine look with an afro ponytail for all-season protection and accentuation with accessories. Or add some edge by opting for a cornrow ponytail!

One way to accentuate your afro is with flat twists in a ponytail. This hairstyle requires little maintenance and should stay looking its best with proper application of shea butter to keep strands moisturized.

Doing Iman’s casual hairstyle of embracing her kinks with this adorable yet straightforward hairstyle will show your love for them and make an eye-catching statement! For something chicer and classier, try creating a half-up top knot with box braids – or try Gabrielle Union’s approach of deep side parting and pinning back one section for a face-framing effect.

Silk Press – Silk Pressing has gained popularity among women with tight kinks and curls who opt for natural styles that use less heat than standard “press and curl.” Prinshell Williams, owner of North Carolina salon hair by Prinshell, says the technique gives their clients sleekness without the risk of chemical relaxers damaging their scalp or their locks.

She advises using a clarifying shampoo and deep conditioner with nourishing oils and shea butter to avoid unnecessary build-up before getting silk pressed, as clogged hair can burn the scalp when heat from a hot comb is applied to it.

Teyana Taylor’s long, wavy, textured hair is an exquisite example of the silk-pressed style that perfectly showcases her stunning locks. To maintain this curly and voluminous style, she can pin-curl her locks at night for extra volume and use moisturizer to tame edges or smooth flyaway strands for a chic updo that works for work or school environments.