How to Get Black People to Wear 360 Waves

Finding waves for all hair types

Finding waves can be challenging if your hair is poker straight, but with dedication and practice, it is possible to create full head waves. All hair types, including straight locks, can produce waves.

Black men and waves

Black men have long been associated with hair styles featuring waves. Styles like jheri curls or afros have been popular. The look of clean cuts with 360 or 720 waves around the crown area became very trendy among rappers in the 90’s. The success of achieving this style depends on your hair texture – straighter locks may make it difficult while curlier hair may make it easier.

How to achieve the style

To achieve the 360 waves style, it requires brushing your hair for at least 30 minutes daily for at least 30 days. A boar bristle brush should be used to protect the hair from damage. Wearing a durag (also known as silk hat) can keep the locks under control while brushing.

How to maintain the style

Maintaining 360 waves requires patience, regular brushing, and avoiding tangles. Using light sheen products as part of your haircare routine will accentuate and maintain your wave pattern. Heavy or oily products may weigh down the hair and affect its bounce.

Can people with straight hair get waves?

Yes, people with straight hair can obtain waves. The results depend on their grade of hair and genetic inheritance. If they mix straight with kinky locks, the straight hair will serve as highlights, while the kinky hair will hold together the wave pattern.

Styling the waves

Black men have many hairstyle options, including waves. Properly styled waves resemble ripples in water and can be found across various ethnicities. The process starts with clean and moisturized hair, followed by applying pomade to add shine and help maintain the style. At nighttime, securing the hair with a du-rag or wrap will keep it in the desired waves during sleep.

Caring for the waves

Getting and maintaining waves requires commitment and special care. Avoid treatments or products that may leave the hair dry or brittle. Only brush the hair when moistened by sweat. Using leave-in moisturizer and sheen products can help hydrate the locks while brushing or training the waves. Wearing a durag or wave cap at night can protect the hair from dust or contaminants.

Waves for all hair types

Many people may believe that only black individuals can achieve waves, but white people can also achieve them. Curly-haired individuals generally find waves easier to maintain due to their natural tendencies to curl.