5 Cute Curly Hairstyles For Black Men

Curly hair can be challenging to manage and keep neat, but it’s possible with some effort and the right products. Black men with curly hair should consider opting for a high fade. Not only is it stylish and clean, but its added definition completes your look perfectly – not to mention its compatibility with any haircut and style.

Medium Fade Afro

The medium fade is an adorable style for black men with natural hair, featuring tight sides and an undercut nape line that makes for an effective styling solution for strong jawlines or high foreheads. Furthermore, this cut can be combined with fun, shaved designs to complete the look!

Short Fade Afro

A short afro haircut is an ideal way to showcase curly locks. Unlike low or high fade cuts, this style sits closer to the head and frames your face so thick coils remain center stage. Keep up with maintenance by selecting products that enhance natural texture as much as possible. Add spiky hair at the front for a pop-star touch by creating an afrohawk. Or opt for the modern burst fade mohawk; this style combines an undercut fade with a full top afro to produce an eye-catching and distinctive style.

Long Fade Afro

The full afro is one of the most recognizable styles among black men. It consists of a thick, full head of natural coils that have been meticulously shaped and styled into place to stand out and can be highly flattering to any face shape, depending on its style and position. Add an exciting spin to this timeless style by pairing an afro with a temple fade for a unique style. This will showcase your curls while maintaining a sleek side and nape hairline.

Retro Fade Afro

A faded afro haircut for black men is a quick and stylish way to showcase your style. While other cuts shave down to the skin, this one features medium length on top with carved lines on the back and sides for added texture – creating an easy yet fashionable look! Curly fade hairstyles for black men are an ideal way to bring attention and contrast to long, kinky curls, and this look works equally well for dreads or other long, curly styles.

Modern Fade Afro

Modern fades are an iconic style for black men and ideal for framing an Afro. To achieve this look, ask your barber to draw a guideline (or bald line) at the point you would like the fade to start, and use electric clippers to shave below that line. This style works best on afro-textured hair with a rich, rounded top shape, while its square-shaped lines can make an impactful statement about a strong jaw or high forehead. Furthermore, this fade style pairs nicely with braided designs or dreads.

Loose Fade Afro

Black men who possess full, curly locks have many stylish options available to them when it comes to styling their locks. A medium fade can highlight the rounded coils while leaving enough hair up top, making this haircut suitable for men with high foreheads. This unique style combines a temple fade, burst fade mohawk, and cool shaved designs across the nape for an eye-catching appearance that works particularly well on black men with curly locks. Just make sure that you moisturize regularly and condition after every wash to keep your locks from becoming frizzy or dried out!

Loose Curls

Curly hair requires extra care, but with the appropriate shampoo, styling products, and care routine, you can enjoy beautiful locks that tumble down your shoulders. Remember that frizziness may occur with dry curls; therefore, use only products without sulfates when styling and brush your locks through after each washing to maintain that gorgeous tousled style. Box dreads make an elegant statement while complementing a skin fade, or buzz cut nicely on the sides. Box dreads offer black men a unique hairstyle without too much maintenance overhead.