Black hair With Dimension by Karen hair Cut Design

The sexiest women are the ones with the hair that is full of dimension and contrast. Adding some light, ashy highlights to black locks will create a dramatic effect that’s sure to turn heads. Caramel-colored highlights will give you that same rich contrast, but will be more subtle and understated. Soft waves and curls will emphasize the dimension. To keep your highlights from being too intense, you can use a caramel-colored highlighter.

Caramel highlights on black hair add rich brightness and complement neutral or golden skin tones. The highlights will stay in place until the next wash. This low maintenance color also creates bright highlighted ribbons without affecting the natural shade of the hair. A large curling iron will give the maximum bouncing effect, while a money piece will keep the brightness in the face and neck. For maximum impact, use a combination of dark and light blonde hair colors.

There are many ways to create short black hair with dimension. You can go with natural highlights or experiment with darker tones to enhance the depth and radiance of your tresses. You can also add subtle ashy tones to your dark locks to give them a more rich appearance. These color changes are a low-maintenance alternative to a more drastic change. You can keep the brightness in that and face while enhancing the dimensional effect of your black locks.