Add Dimension to Black Hair With Dimensional Streaks

Add depth and dimension to black hair by creating subtle streaks that seamlessly blend in. This style is suitable for any setting while letting its natural hues shine. Consider opting for a bold burgundy shade, which pairs well with many skin tones, or try something more subdued, like a copper highlighter, to highlight your eyes.

Chestnut Brown

Chestnut brown hair color offers the best of both worlds: natural-looking tones while still exploring reddish shades of hair color. It works particularly well on brunettes who wish to experiment with darker hues, while it works just as well on blondes looking for something darker. Add extra dimension and dimension to your chestnut brown locks with silvery blonde highlights using balayage techniques – these highlights look beautiful no matter the length or style of hair. Enhance your natural beauty with this rich chestnut cappuccino hue! This hue pairs well with most skin tones and helps slim and contour the features on your face, creating the illusion of more defined shapes. A must-have winter staple, especially impressive when worn with curls!


Copper hair can be both seductive and adorable; it makes an excellent alternative to fiery red hues that may be too overwhelming for some people. Copper hues come from mixing dark chocolate brown with light copper tones for an eye-catching combination that at first appears blonde; when exposed to sunlight, however, their true colors emerge. Warm copper tones are an ideal way to complement medium skin tones, as their red-orange hues blend harmoniously with the golden hues found within the complexion. Shadow roots add depth to this copper hair color and save you from frequent touch-ups as it grows out.


Silver hair can create an unforgettable chic and edgy look or feminine and elegant, depending on its styling. It looks incredibly stunning in medium-length manes that are curly or wavy; alternatively, try opting for a pixie cut, which emphasizes facial features while adding some definition. Silvering hair may take more effort, but the results are worth your effort! Regular damage-repairing masks and less heat styling are recommended to achieve the look. Long gray silver hair looks spectacular when enhanced with beautiful strokes of balayage. Choose to combine ashy and dark grey tones for an eye-catching effect or light silver highlights that bring out its natural hues.

Ash Violet

Ash violet hair is an increasingly fashionable hair color trend that looks good with any skin tone, or exceptionally light complexions. For maximum effect, it can be worn alone or combined with other hues, such as burgundy, fuchsia, or blue. This ash purple balayage look is ideal for those seeking an unconventional yet subtle dark shade without going too light or blonde. With the balayage technique, your hair can grow out without showing patchy areas as you wear this style over time. If you want to try a deep purple hue, ask your stylist for an ash-grey base with baby-fine silver strands throughout. This shade will return memories of Descendants while standing against your naturally dark locks.

Deep Indigo

Indigo is the deepest shade of natural hair dye, capable of darkening brown to black hues. Made with six Ayurvedic herbs and non-toxic dyeing agents, each application creates its beautiful shine and deepening hue available. Use it alone for rich jet black results, or mix it with pure henna (2-step process). Unfortunately, it does not work well on blonde, white, or grey hair (unless they have been bleached first). Always conduct a skin/strand test first! Indigo powder is a gentle alkaloid that does not lighten hair like bleach, making it ideal for natural and chemically treated locks.


Balayage is the way to go whenever you’re seeking an effortless lightning style. Your colorist will focus on applying lighter pigment to face-framing strands and lower sections before gradually transitioning them to warm brown at the ends. Opting for partial balayage will create the delicate frame your hair deserves without overdoing it. Your stylist can add honey, beige, and platinum shades to your natural brown shade to create an eye-catching blend that works for every skin tone – or try caramel balayage, ideal for dark brown locks that transition into blonde.