Top 5 hair Colors For Black hair With Color

Warm Brown Highlights:

– Offers a subdued take on ombre

– Looks excellent with loose beach waves and tousled locks

Fashion Colors:

– Violet or red can look striking against black hair

– Requires regular touch-ups with color protection shampoo

Barely Detectable Blonde Streaks:

– Match your natural shade

– Simple yet beautiful option

Darker Red:

– Makes a bold statement

– Suitable for most skin tones

– Different shades of dark red are recommended for different complexions

– Red streaks over black hair create an eye-catching look

Gray Highlights:

– An effortlessly seductive look that conveys confidence and maturity

– Baby highlights create a modern, seamless blend

– Layered highlights add dimension to your locks


– Eye-catching reddish brown shade

– Complements most skin tones and colors

– Different auburn shades are recommended for different complexions

– Experiment with fiery cinnamon or ginger tints for an alluring glow


– Plenty of ways to wear the trend successfully

– Perfect for darker complexions

– Requires working with an experienced colorist

– Pre-toning may be necessary to achieve accurate silver tones

– Use violet toner to maintain a cool hue after dyeing