5 Superfoods For Black Hair

Black hair has long been an integral part of African culture, inspiring artists and radical political movements alike. Black locks require extra special consideration and care – knowing the best ways to take care of it will allow you to achieve beautiful locks!

Ghee with Mulethi

Yashtimadhu Mulethi Herb is an all-natural hair conditioner that will restore black to black hair color while also preventing premature graying. Additionally, this remedy promotes hair growth while combating dandruff issues and treating respiratory problems, liver damage, and increasing immunity.

To use Ghee with Mulethi as a home remedy for darkening black hair, simply combine 1 tablespoon of Mulethi with 1 cup of Ghee and apply to your scalp daily, leaving it on for 1 hour before washing your hair out. Mulethi powder can also help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Orange juice

Oranges are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which has numerous hair benefits including strengthening follicles and encouraging new hair growth, strengthening strands, and making them less vulnerable to damage. Therefore, using this fruit as an ingredient for various hair conditioners and masks is highly recommended.

Use fresh or powdered peels of this fruit to combat stubborn dandruff and give your scalp a healthy look. Combine it with your regular hair oil and apply directly onto your scalp for maximum effect – an ancient natural remedy and one of the best black hair tips!

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an incredible superfood with antibacterial properties that can aid in treating dandruff, prevent itchy scalp and hair, and even detangle it! Plus, its moisturizing benefits can make your locks shiny and luxurious!