Black Hair Designs For Men

From box braids and dreadlocks to the timeless afro, black hair designs have long been seen as cultural symbols, dating back to ancient Egypt (as evidenced by drawings, engravings, and hieroglyphics). As Black culture gradually moved away from Eurocentric beauty standards, these styles became emblems of unapologetic self-expression. Whether you prefer natural or curled locks, these black hair designs will ensure you are noticed!

High Top Dreads

Dreadlocks may symbolize spirituality, rebellion, or cultural identity while providing texture in short hair. Dreadlocks are created by matting or twisting hair into long, rope-like strands which hang from your head; maintaining this look may take more time and dedication, but it could prove worth your while with the right eye!

One of the best ways to wear dreadlocks is with a high fade. To achieve this style, have your stylist shave or fade the sides and back of your head, let your dreadlocks grow to their desired length, then ask them to twirl them around each other before securing them with a hair tie.

One way to style dreadlocks is to combine them with a low ponytail. This style works exceptionally well for men looking to display their wavy dreadlocks while adding drama. Beads or charms can further elevate this look!

If you want something a bit different, try pineapple-style dreadlocks. It is an innovative and fun way to wear your dreadlocks; all it requires is long enough dreadlocks covering the front of your head and an optional bandana to conceal any shorter sides or back areas of your locks.

Buzz Haircut

A buzz haircut might appear simplistic but it can become the perfect canvas for creative hair designs. From fades and line-ups to temple fades – buzz haircuts offer endless creative options when styling your locks! Also great for men with thin textures who want to experiment with hair-color trends with little commitment from their styling partner.

Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, unveiled his signature shaved head and buzz cut during fashion month, providing the ideal look for any discerning gent looking to add power to his wardrobe. Wear it to black tie events or out for drinks – plus, maintenance requirements are minimal!

Blowout Haircut

A blowout haircut is an exquisite way to showcase your natural hair texture while giving it a stylish design. Similar to a high contemporary twist, but featuring longer locks and complex parts. Additionally, temple fades, and well-groomed beards complete the look – ideal for men looking for an impeccable professional appearance.

Black hair designs can add customized flair to a blowout haircut for an eye-catching finish. A barber can engrave leaf-inspired designs or other shapes into your edgy fade, and this look looks especially great when your locks are longer as they allow more of your voluminous texture to show through. Longer locks can also be styled into pompadours or quiffs for formal events or offices; with straight locks, try slicking back your locks using some pomade for sleekness – taper fades are perfect as these styles gradually descend from start and end points at various lengths. Hence, the style looks just right too.