Black Hair Cut Styles

Consider the taper fade haircut if you’re seeking an unforgettable yet low-maintenance hairstyle. Featuring tapered sides that gradually taper towards the crown of your head for an exotic aesthetic.

Taper Fade Haircut

A taper fade features short, tapered sides which gradually taper to create an exotic appearance.

Undercut Black Hairstyle with Twist

The undercut black hairstyle with a twist is an eye-catching style. It features a closely cropped top with long locks twisted into small sections for an eye-catching appearance.


Dreadlocks are rope-like strands of hair created through matting or braiding. Rastafarians typically wear them to express themselves freely and represent freedom of expression. Dreadlocks can form in all kinds of hair textures, with curly or kinky locks often creating tighter spirals that make dreadlock formation simpler than straight locks, which often become tangled during lock formation processes. Once they begin to thicken and mature, dreadlocks become virtually maintenance-free. However, during this stage, they should still be washed sparingly to prevent over-manipulation that might distort their natural shape and lead to grease build-up or itching.


At various points in history, braids have long been seen as a mark of culture and identity. Tribes in Africa had unique styles that signified women’s age, religion, position, or even their societal role. America witnessed its natural hair movement in the ’60s and ’70s when Black people started rocking picked-out afros and cornrows to rebel against Eurocentric beauty standards. This movement led to Janet Jackson wearing braided looks in Poetic Justice and Alicia Keys sporting Fulani braids as examples. Braids can be an ideal protective style for women with kinky or curly textures prone to breakage, keeping hair out of the face while adding some kind without daily manipulation and styling.

Buzz Cut

Men and boys with buzz cuts can quickly reduce morning grooming time with this style. No matter whether they opt for uniformly short length or geometric shapes (butch cut, crew cut, or flattop haircut), this look looks fantastic. It also helps lessen the contrast between thick and thin areas, making thinning patches less visible. The military-inspired style of a buzz cut can give anyone an impressive appearance. Give your buzz cut an individual touch by playing around with designs – from zig-zags and lines to diamonds. This hairstyle especially benefits Square facial features as it emphasizes their complex features while accentuating cheekbones.


The Afro is an African hairstyle worn by men and women, forming a large round shape. At its peak in popularity in the 1960s and ’70s, this hairstyle represented resistance to Eurocentric beauty standards and black pride. The Afro was also widely utilized in Blaxploitation films and helped revitalize pre-1960s subcultural images of black masculinity. Today, it stands as a symbol of black identity and continues to be worn as a badge of pride. Color can add vibrancy and character to any Afro style but always use professional salon coloring services for safe results. Afro hair is delicate and should never be exposed to harsh dyes and products. Regularly washing your Afro is vital in keeping its health vibrant and alive!

Hard Part

Complex parts are an eye-catching trend that can add visual interest and sophistication to any haircut. They work wonders with all hair textures and are ideal for quiffs, comb-overs, pompadours, fades, and fade-style haircuts. Finding a barber who understands how to cut and maintain the hard part will ensure your style remains on-trend. Scheduling regular check-in appointments with them will keep the look current and fashionable. Request a low hard part with tapered sides and back from your barber to draw attention to your head shape. Finish off the look by styling the top part into a quiff or pompadour. A tricky part enhances salt-and-pepper facial hair and softens an uneven skin fade line. Wear this style with hair gel or pomade for optimal results.