Black Hair Color Ideas That Stand Out

If you want to make a bold statement with your hair color, jet black can make an eye-catching yet natural statement. Plus, it suits every hair type, skin tone, and occasion!

Red Balayage

If you want a red hair color that stands out, this balayage look will surely get noticed. Your stylist will apply light blue strand-affection at approximately one-quarter down your strands before gradually transitioning into copper red hues at the tips.

Titian Red Balayage

Titian is an eye-catching red hue that works beautifully when applying balayage to dark hair. This vibrant shade adds warmth and brightness to any ensemble.

Auburn Balayage

An auburn hue brings warmth to black hair without making it too light, creating a striking balayage bob with darker roots and longer bangs that frame the face. Regular trims will keep this look in place and maintain its fresh appearance.

Blue Balayage

Balayage is an excellent way to add color without making drastic changes, with its soft blended effect creating a discreet and low-maintenance result. Melting strawberry hues look fabulous against black hair, offering a summery shimmer.

Dark Brown Balayage

No matter the state of your hair, brown balayage adds dimension and an unexpected modern finish to dark brunettes with dyed locks. Influencer Sincerely Jules showcases a flawless ash-brown balayage on dark hair from an influencer.

Chocolate Brown Balayage

Dark chocolate brown balayage looks stunning on short bobs and waist-grazing locks, creating an effortlessly glamorous summery style that feels natural on any complexion.

Honey Highlights

Add subtle yet striking light to dark hair by incorporating honey highlights. These warm accents suit every complexion while bringing some brightness to your look.