Black hair Braided Styles

Black women have long experimented with their hairstyles, from technicolor wigs to chunky braided bobs. Unfortunately, non-black individuals can often cross the thin line between appreciation and appropriation.

Braided styles are an eye-catching way to protect and showcase your natural hair.

From micro braids to Senegalese twists, there is sure to be an option that suits every event or special occasion.


Cornrows are an ageless style that works on all hair types and lengths, providing low-maintenance styling options with plenty of styling possibilities. Highlighted cornrows look particularly striking and can even be worn multiple ways! Halo braids, or Ghana braids, are an exquisite way to wear cornrows that draw all eyes onto your face. With intricate designs created by these sophisticated scalp braids, halo braids make for an eye-catching statement piece and ensure all eyes stay glued onto you! If you want to try this hairstyle, , use a leave-in conditioner as part of the pre-braiding ritual to lock in moisture and help protect and nourish your strands during summer. In addition, edge control gel can also help control flyaways to keep cornrows looking sleek.

Box Braids

Box braids are a fashionable protective style featuring squared-off hair divisions. While this look is rooted in ancient African braiding traditions, its popularity among black women flourished during the 1990s. Braids can add an elegant, eye-catching style to any ensemble. Detangling spray or conditioner can make them easier for you and your stylist to remove when worn differently. Try cutting off one side, wearing them updo style, or curling them for a romantic vibe – find what works for your style and your stylist. When booking appointments, be sure to interview both professionals who specialize in installing healthy braids as well as potential candidates yourself for this service.

Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are a highly fashionable protective style worn by celebrities such as Bo Derek and Alicia Keys. You can create this look in various widths, broad for an unconventional approach or narrower braids for more traditional results. Light brown is ideal for this style, as it works with most skin tones and complements most complexions. Add blonde highlights to your Fulani braids to increase their impact and turn heads with this eye-catching style.

Micro Braids

Micro braids are the ultimate protective style, suitable for every occasion, and have low maintenance costs. This style can last for eight weeks with proper care taken of your strands – making this style all the more eye-catching when mixed with wavy braiding hair for added eye-catching style. Use a side part or diamond part to highlight the colors in your braids and complete your look by accessorizing with an eye-catching headband in an eye-catching hue. Use a light-hold styling product such as Mizani’s Society Wonder Crown Scalp Foaming Pre-Cleanser to keep your micro braids neat. Overwashing can cause them to unravel and frizz up, so beware of overwashing! Additionally, for optimal hair health, switch your regular shampoo for one like Mizani’s Moisture Fusion Intense Moisturizing Conditioner. Adding some drops of scalp oil may further hydrate strands.