Add Some Style to Your Black hair Boy Haircut

When a low key fade Black boy haircut just isn’t cutting it anymore, add some flair with a line up. This chic look works best on those with long, textured locks on top and showcases their natural curls and waves beautifully.

Lines and Texture

Boys who want to show off their curly texture often opt for this haircut, as it tames unruly coils while adding some edge with short buzz cuts or shaved-in designs.


Afro hairstyles for boys are an eye-catching way to show off coiled strands and give their look more sophistication. This particular style combines the classic afro with a high skin fade and clean lines for a modern and trendy appearance, adding depth and character.

Flat Top

If you enjoy pompadour cuts but prefer something with more modernity, the flat top style can make an excellent fashion statement. Comb it any which way for maximum effect! This hairstyle is perfect for black boys with wavy locks. The medium length hair near the crown adds dimension and texture, creating depth to a flatter top look. This can be worn both formally as well as casually.

Mohawk Fade

Zero fade mohawks are beautiful styles to sport on black hair. Sponge curls add texture at the crown while giving voluminous top locks an eye-catching spiky appearance on both sides of this classic mohawk look. A spiky mohawk can give any rockstar look an edge. Additionally, this style works well when worn with a beard. A high skin fade Mohawk exudes style and fashion. Perfect for boys of all ages, it pairs well with beards for an outstanding look.

Burst Fade

Burst fade is an elegant style of haircut that creates an eye-catching design on the sides of your head, offering a clean and versatile appearance that can be styled in many ways. Your barber must possess experience in performing this haircut to achieve optimal results. A burst fade haircut looks especially striking on Afro-textured hair, creating a sharp appearance with its curved form that covers ears and neck areas. Additionally, this cut goes perfectly with short mohawk or faux hawk styles.

Ocean Waves

If you want an eye-catching high top fade hairstyle for black boys, have your stylist shave the sides and make fun lines in the back. This hairstyle allows for your voluminous curls on top to remain and makes you stand out among others. Add a beard for extra style and character; it’s sure to create a distinctive and fashionable look! Perfect for boys who don’t enjoy spending too much time styling their hair each morning!


If your boy isn’t quite ready for a pompadour yet, this classic taper hairstyle may be just what he needs to keep his locks under control and present an elegant appearance. Pair it with temple fade and stylish hair designs on the back for maximum impact! This unique hairstyle features a tall flat top which gradually gets shorter and thinner towards the base of the head, with low skin fade on each side for added appeal.