How to Style a Black Hair Bob

Black hair bobs offer a chic and sophisticated style for women who appreciate neat appearances. Featuring precision cuts and elegant angles that can accentuate facial structures.

Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye fame recently posted an Instagram picture showing off his new shoulder-length bob with a deep side parting, and it quickly went viral, garnering him many compliments from followers and strangers alike.

Layered Cut

Consider opting for a layered cut for a black hair bob with texture. This style will create movement and volume in your locks while emphasizing facial features. If you have naturally curly or oily locks, this look can also highlight their coolness; remember to protect them using curl-defining methods or sew-in weaves to preserve healthy natural locks.

A stacked bob haircut will flatter black women with straight or wavy hair. This short bob style features long front layers to frame your face and shorter back layers that will tame any locks and give a sleek and polished finish – ideal for oval and heart-shaped faces.

Loose Waves

Women with wavy hair can transform a short bob into something sultry and easy to maintain with this short bob style, featuring loose, soft curls with an off-center part for an eye-catching finish. To get this look, first wash and condition with sulfate-free shampoo/conditioner combinations before applying a curl enhancer to maintain healthy curl patterns.

As demonstrated here, medium bob hairstyles allow you to play around with vibrant highlights. This asymmetrical bob features curtain bangs that frame the face and strong angles from stacked-back volume to an undercut that are highlighted perfectly with its contrast ash blonde shades.

Layered Bangs

Layered bangs in a black hair bob are stylish, add a sophisticated edge, and frame your cheekbones beautifully. It makes an ideal look for going out or simply chilling with friends, with this style working best on wavy or curly locks, though straighter styles could work, too.

Add chunky caramel highlights for a bold pop of color! Highlight your gorgeous blonde locks while creating a unique style in your bob.

Add subtle peek-a-boo highlights for a hidden effect, or go bold with blue and pink streaks for something different – this option makes styling yourself easy! It’s also perfect for women who love switching up their style regularly!

Twisted Braids

Twisted braids are an elegant way to showcase your bob. Similar to cornrows and box braids, but with much smaller sections of hair. Create patterns or embellish your braids by adding beads or other decorations for an eye-catching finish.

If you enjoy wearing bold hues, take inspiration from Jourdan Dunn. Her romantic yet cool burgundy asymmetrical bob is both romantic and calm; to get this style without committing to coloring your hair, consider getting Got 2b Playful Temporary hair Chalk Royal Purple ($8) as an alternative solution.

If you wear a bob with kinky locks, add highlights for an eye-catching, feminine look that draws focus to your face. This look is sure to draw everyone’s attention!

Cherry Blonde

Cherry blonde is a stunning trend, no matter your hair length. According to hair colorist Stephanie Diaz, cherry blonde hair is “an exquisite mix of strawberry and blond shades, creating a gorgeous mix of red and pink hues.”

Create your cherry blonde look with subtle or striking highlights. Ciara’s asymmetrical bob is an exquisite example of this style, with black cherry hues in her warm-toned blonde balayage.

To achieve maximum impact with this hair color, start with a lighter shade of blonde. Next, have your stylist add black cherry tones for an organic appearance; the dark roots accentuate your facial features while more delicate strands frame and draw attention to your gorgeous brown eyes.