Black Girls With Colored Hair

Black girls with colored hair show that it’s possible to look glamorous no matter the hue of their strands, from braids to sleek high ponytails. Their vibrant locks have taken center stage as a signal that it is time to change beauty standards!

Chocolate Brown for Black Women

Chocolate brown is an ideal hue for black women because it doesn’t clash too strongly with their skin tone, while looking luxurious.

Platinum for Lighter Skin Tones

White platinum shades that come as close to white can be an eye-catching hair color option for black women with lighter skin tones, especially those who sport shadow roots and jet black sides and nape. However, extreme golden hues can damage coarser textures, so it’s advised to consider alternative methods like silk press or wigs to protect the hair from further damage.

Ginger for Warm Brown Skin Tones

Ginger is a low-contrast hair color that pairs perfectly with warm brown skin tones and emphasizes any golden undertones in your complexion. Elevate this rich shade by adding rose gold highlights.

Red for Unique Styling

Red hair looks fantastic on black women and can be styled in various ways to complement their individuality. From color-block styling or splattering around the scalp to pairing it with an eye-catching fade or undercut for a unique, edgy look, red brings out the best features in every situation!

Blonde for Dark Skin Tones

Blonde hair can be an attractive option for black women, perfectly complementing their dark skin tone while emphasizing facial features. Blonde highlights can also look flattering and should be immediately added to your natural color.

Aqua Blue for Bold Statements

For an eye-catching statement look, try this aqua-blue shade. It pairs beautifully with dark skin tones and offers a dramatic departure from brown hues. Additionally, faux locs look fabulous when worn alongside it!

Purple for Expressing Individuality

Purple hair can be an exciting and stunning statement that suits all skin tones and is an enjoyable way to express individuality. From subtle streaks or more intense hues, purple can add depth and dimension to both work environments and social events alike, looking stunning against all lengths and textures of black locks! Opting for darker roots that fade into lavender for a subtler approach is perfect if you still need to commit to wearing a full head of purple; additionally, this works well as part of an ombre look.

Pink for Creative Starts

No matter the hue you prefer – pastel pink like Nicki Minaj or deeper purple shades – pink can be an exciting and creative start. Ensure to select a semi-permanent dye if long-term use interests you.

Brown for Versatility

Are you keeping it straightforward? A brown hue works on most skin tones and hides gray hair or thin areas. Try a deep caramel hue to emphasize your beautiful waves and make your face pop! This shade of brown also works excellent with protective styles involving curly or wavy hair and looks fantastic when worn as long straight locks in a bob style.

Various hair Colors for Black Girls

Black girls can boast a range of hair colors for their locks, from pastel pinks and fiery reds to dark shades such as brown or bold blue hue. Classic options like jet black or chocolate brown hair look fantastic on African American skin tones. If you want a more subtle style, light highlights can add visual interest and draw the eye more directly. They create an intriguing contrast against your natural color, making it even more appealing. If you’re tentative about going blonde, strawberry blonde might be just what’s needed to ease you into it. As an in-between hue between reds and blonde shades, strawberry blonde works for most black women with medium to light brown skin tones and perfectly complements corkscrew curls or faux locs.