Black Girl Short Cut Hairstyles

Low-maintenance styles are essential when choosing short-cut hairstyles for black girls. Options include wavy pixie cuts or curly mohawks that allow you to show your personality while saving time in styling.

Vintage Short Haircut

Vintage short hairstyles are ideal for those seeking a retro vibe without an extreme pixie cut. Achieve this look by cutting your hair up to the upper part of your neck and creating side partitions with front fringes. Emulate Brigitte Bardot’s iconic bob look with this style.

Short Pixie Haircut with Highlights

A cute and wavy pixie hairstyle gives off a carefree appearance. It works well on ladies with thin locks as it adds volume. Add highlights for extra drama.

Short Pixie Haircut with Undercut

An effortlessly beautiful and chic black hairstyle, a pixie cut with an undercut is the ideal solution. Keep the sides short while adding a textured fringe at the top that frames your face beautifully.

Short Cropped Natural Hair

Black girl short-cut hairstyles that require minimal upkeep are perfect for an effortless appearance. This pixie cut features face-framing spirals twirled into short shaved sides, and allows curls to coil and fluff out. Vibrant hues like burgundy and copper red tones can be incorporated for a unique look.

Various Short Black Hairstyles

There is a wide range of short black hairstyles that showcase natural texture. Choose a style that suits you, from relaxed styles with asymmetry and layers to two-tone colors, teeny weeny Afros, cornrows, box braids, or dreadlocks. Moisturization is critical to avoiding dryness.