5 Black Girl Hairstyles For 2019

Braiding styles have long been used to identify a tribe or an individual.

Recently, French professional stylist Vernon Francois took Fulani braids to another level with the addition of a unique queue crown.

Songbird Shenseea brings bold and playful style with safety pin braids.

In her “Trick a Treat” music video, Shenseea adorned her braids with numerous safety pins, creating an eye-catching statement.

Asymmetrical Ghana Braids offer style and excitement.

Wear Ghana braids in different ways for an effortlessly chic look while keeping your locks healthy. Little maintenance is required – just pre-wash and condition your natural hair before braiding it!

Upright Braids provide a timeless classic look.

This style starts with a high bun and features braids flowing out to form an updo, suitable for formal and casual events. Amandla Stenberg rocked this style with red highlights and a braid crown with starry elements.

Beaded Braids add vibrancy to your hair.

By adding beads to your braids, you can create an eye-catching and stylish flair. Skai Jackson created a stunning beaded look for Taraji P. Henson, while Shenseea made an impression with mile-long beaded braids in her music video.

Safety Pin Braids for an innovative and eye-catching finish.

Safety pins can add an edgy accent to your braided look, perfect for special events. Shenseea showcased this style with mile-long braids and multiple safety pins, demonstrating her daring style.

Box Braids offer elegance and versatility.

These protective braids can be styled into simple updos or fashionable headwraps inspired by scarves. For an extra special touch, try adding highlights to your box braids.

Remember to choose a stylist with experience installing box braids safely to achieve your desired style.