Black Female Stud Hairstyles

Slicked-back undercut hairstyles

Slicked-back undercut hairstyles are ideal for stud girls. This hairstyle creates a slight separation while lacking faded sides – and looks even better when styled using matte styling products!

Braided quiffs

Braided quiffs are another good style option for women with short hair who wish to stand out. Though this requires additional upkeep, the outcome can make you look fashionable!

Bob Haircut

The bob haircut has quickly become one of the most beloved beauty trends. Due to its versatility, there’s an option suitable for every hair texture and face shape – from blunt chin-length bobs with bangs all the way through to wavy versions – all make great statement pieces!

Two-toned chestnut and honey brown balayage

This two-toned chestnut and honey-brown balayage make an elegant, feminine statement. Its subtle color fades create an eye-catching gradient that beautifully suits her face shape and skin tone, while her side bang adds drama and flair.

Undercut Haircut

Undercut haircuts offer a sculptural quality, boasting a clean, lean finish contrasting with longer strands at the top. Perfect for girls with thick hair, as it cuts styling time considerably, your stylist may add extra dimension by shaving shapes into either side or nape of the head to add depth further.

History of the Undercut Haircut

The Undercut was once popular among Britain’s working class and gangsters until the 1920s. It had a brief revival during the 1980s due to its similarity to bowl cuts but eventually fell out of fashion. However, it reemerged as part of popular period TV series and films in 2010. ItsIts side ridges are back in vogue, as seen through popular period hair trends.


Cornrows are an adaptable style, suitable for straight and curly locks, which can also be braided into various designs such as hearts or boxes. Maintaining cornrows requires little upkeep – up to six weeks’ wear with proper care. Moisturizing your scalp and wearing a bonnet or scarf at night to extend their longevity is recommended for maximum performance.

Historical Significance of Cornrows

Cornrows have long been part of Afro-Colombian tradition and were used by enslaved people to plan escape routes and secure stolen items. Today, numerous black celebrities and stylists wear cornrows on and off red-carpet events to show their versatility.