Cornrow Hairstyles For Black Women

Cornrow hairstyles are iconic looks for black girls and women that showcase textured locks and are cultural symbols with deep symbolic significance in terms of religion, kinship, and status.

Cornrows offer limitless creativity; this design displays it beautifully. Perfect for casual outings, this style will certainly capture everyone’s eye!


An updo can add an eye-catching twist to your braids, making them truly individual. To add even more color, try using colorful hair extensions or beads for added visual impact. Not only is this style great for protecting natural locks, but it also looks super stylish as well!

This chic style features thick cornrows on both sides and a low bun with coil twists in the back for a day-out look that will turn heads. Accessorize this look further by wearing a headband or hair bow for added elegance!

If you want a glamorous look, try styling your hair in a high ponytail with cornrows. This style is simple to execute and ideal for any special occasion; even those with baby hairs can tuck them into their ponytail for added edgy flare by brushing in whoops and swirls!

For those who enjoy playing with their hair, adding a special touch to cornrows by intermixing mini and regular-sized braids will create an eye-catching contrast that shows off both your artistic roots (physically and figuratively) and add gold accents for an even more elegant style.


A whirlpool cornrow hairstyle is an eye-catching textured style that will make you stand out. Perfect for many special events and celebrations – weddings to dinner parties – its braided look is versatile enough to suit many special events and can even be dyed bright colors to add some drama and variety. It is ideal for black women who like experimenting with their looks!

Another unique cornrow hairstyle is the whirlpool braid with a crown, inspired by traditional African styles and perfect for any special occasion. To achieve this look, create a zig-zag parting and braid each section into a twist crown for this stylish alternative to shaving your head. This hairstyle shows off natural beauty while being an attractive way to showcase natural features – making an excellent way to showcase natural beauty and keep shaved heads at bay!

If you want a sophisticated and elegant look, try wearing your whirlpool braids in a high ponytail for any special occasion or makeup application. Alternatively, create a low ponytail instead; it looks beautiful with medium-length hair and pairs nicely with any outfit – plus, add some bling for an added oomph factor!


Add glamor to your ponytail hairstyle by incorporating a strip of fabric midway down its tail. It’s one of our favorite cornrow braid ideas for black women because it’s so straightforward: grab a small section of hair and wrap it around the base of the tie before discreetly securing it with a bobby pin. We especially recommend this look for special events as well as everyday use!

Cornrows are an essential hairstyle, but that doesn’t mean they must remain plain and boring. Actress Yvonne Orji demonstrated this perfectly by wearing hers this way to the 2019 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards; she looked radiant.

Cornrows can also be styled into a low ponytail style for easy morning styling if you have long hair. This hairstyle can also draw attention to your face by being high or even off-center to draw the eyes inward toward you and will help save time in the morning when styled this way. To keep them looking their best, use a hair growth oil to moisturize the scalp during the day and a skilled scarf to cover edges during sleep time.