Top 5 Black Cornrow Hairstyles

Cornrow hairstyles offer endless styling possibilities.

From sleek and sophisticated to playful and funky styles, there’s sure to be one that suits you best. For an elegant and romantic style, leave out your baby hairs instead of tucking them away in cornrows. This style lets you show off your natural edges and curls more effectively.

Top Knot

The top knot is an increasingly fashionable hairstyle for men. While this hairdo looks good with any hair color, gray locks paired with dark beards make an especially striking combination for an eye-catching effect. Start with a high ponytail, then twist the hair into a doughnut shape at the crown of your head. Finally, add face-framing strands for extra flair – and you’re good to go.

Half-Up Space Buns

Try this look if you want an elegant low-space bun hairstyle with Roxanne-esque influences. Perfect for an upcoming formal event or night out with friends! Only three items are needed to create this style: a rattail comb, hair elastics, and some bobby pins! It’s fast and straightforward for on-the-go styling needs.

Jumbo Braid

A chunky mohawk braid is an eye-catching choice for any black woman, offering versatility when worn to suit individual personalities and preferences. Give your jumbo braids an extra splash of color by adding vibrant hair extensions. Or make them even more playful by decorating them with beads – an excellent hairstyle for special events! This hairstyle creates a statement.

Side Part

A side part is an iconic style that never goes out of fashion, making it perfect for shoulder-length hair and looking elegant with or without a beard. Add a bold flair to any look with thick shoulder-length box braids arranged in eye-catching wheel patterns for added visual interest and to create this trendy, edgy look that will get compliments. This look will surely earn you compliments from everyone you encounter!

Baby Hairs

This style is perfect for girls who want to make an impression with their hair. Braiding hair packs and kids’ hair beads will keep her locks looking gorgeous throughout the week. Add an eye-catching flair to her pigtails with this look, featuring stylish magenta and black box braid extensions added into thin cornrows for a standout protective style! Sure to turn heads!

Crown Braids

This adorable braided hairstyle is the ideal finishing touch to a girly ensemble. Instead of traditional cornrows that cover from forehead to nape, this version goes up to the crown. Alternating large and smaller cornrows creates a striking pattern, making this style stand out. A defined middle part adds sophistication. To take this look to another level, pair this look with a scarf.

Spiral Curls

When you need something with more volume than just a straight bob, add thin spiral perms for added texture. This style resembles back braids but is easier to manage. Remember to use a lightweight hair mousse if you want your curls to remain intact, and avoid brushing them, as this disrupts their pattern and prevents natural oils from reaching the ends of your locks.

Back Braids

Cornrows make your back part look chic and sophisticated while subtly framing your face and drawing attention to your eyebrows. Small cornrows, more commonly referred to as lemonade braids, take more time than other twist or plait styles to complete but require deficient maintenance compared to others. Plus, lemonade braids protect from stress and heat for weeks! You can even add extensions for a sexier look!

Bun to Ponytail

Although this style seems simple enough, it requires practice to pull off. First, position your hair into a low ponytail and smooth down its base using a brush and hairspray. Tease the top section of a ponytail to give it more volume. Finally, secure the remaining hair into a bun’s base using bobby pins for an elegant updo that works equally well at work and farmers’ markets alike.

Side Braids

Two cornrows swept to one side can give your face an elegant frame while appearing chic and polished. This style becomes especially noticeable when using vibrant hues for your weave. Reunite the classic braiding techniques into one stunning style! This look features wheel patterns, double boxer braids, and nods toward Fulani braids for an eye-catching effect.