Black Cornrow Braid Hairstyles

Black cornrow braid hairstyles provide natural locks with the ideal protective style to wear for everyday looks or red-carpet events, and they’re easy to maintain with the appropriate care. Take a look at these fantastic black cornrow braid styles for some style inspiration! You are sure to find an option you love.

Yarn Braids

Yarn braids are an accessible style for almost everyone to sport; their easy maintenance doesn’t require crochet or extensions either! First, ensure your hair is clean and part it with a rat tail comb before estimating how long your braids will be and cutting accordingly. Small cornrows are ideal for everyday wear and work particularly well for those with thin hair. Beaded accessories add an elegant finishing touch. Plaiting hair extensions add vibrant flair to braided styles.

Tree Braids

Tree braids are an increasingly popular style that blends the look of dreadlocks with cornrows. A stylist creates thin, small braids close to the scalp before weaving extensions into them. Their unique braiding technique leaves out narrow sections of braided hair as they work their way down, giving the braids their tree-like appearance. This style can be achieved in multiple colors, from dark brown to blonde. It is a protective style that lasts for several weeks and can be worn either updo styled or down. What’s great about it is that its maintenance costs are low!

Ghana Braids

Ghana braids offer many styling possibilities and can add color and texture to your look. Try dip-dyeing them or adding lilac extensions for an eye-catching finish, or style them into cute double buns or half-up, half-down top knots for an elegant and classic style. Ghana braids come in different sizes to give you the freedom to create an original hairdo. Combine thin and thick Ghana braids for an eye-catching curved shape before tucking them into a high-side ponytail. To keep them looking sleek, apply a moisturizing mousse (such as SheaMoisture Coconut