Black Braids Hairstyles Pictures

There is an impressive variety of braiding styles for black hair that range from micro braids and cornrows, to fishtail braids, and Ghana braids – there is sure to be one perfect for every event or special occasion. Center-parted locks add an elegant and refined finish to this chic hairstyle, while gaps between each row and variable braid sizes make this hairdo genuinely standout.

Fulani braids

This luxurious style is an eye-catching showstopper that makes an impressive statement at special events—combining femininity with intricate plaiting to produce an expressive yet sophisticated aesthetic. Add beads and other hair accessories to enhance the beauty of this look, or express your individuality through their use. Choose from various colors and materials to find something suitable. Light brown Fulani braids are an ageless classic that complements any skin tone. Add drama and elegance with a center parting full ni and jewelry-style hair cuffs. Pair this look with an understated metal ring for an effortlessly chic look that stands out!

Issa Rae’s crown braids

Black braids have long served as a symbol of identity for African-American women. The style of her braid can reveal marital status, age, and tribe information. Nowadays, braided hairstyles express and connect with culture and heritage. Star of Insecure Issa Rae made her mark with this chic yet effortless updo for every day or red-carpet events – an eye-catching style guaranteed to turn heads! Her stylist added tiny beads for added oomph.

Felicia Leatherwood and Ryan Destiny’s hairstyles

Felicia Leatherwood, her longtime stylist on the HBO series Molly, has provided us with significant afro inspo for years as she’s shown us just how versatile kinkier, more relaxed strands can be when styled into high ponytails, feed-in braids, or other updos. Ryan Destiny’s voluminous waves are a chic spin on traditional cornrows; this style is excellent for those seeking to add dimension and volume to their braids while maintaining sleekness.

Gabrielle Union’s delicate half-up

Gabrielle Union is known for taking an unconventional and playful approach to beauty – one which she proves in her Instagram bio by wearing everything from Senegalese twists and cornrows, to flaunting protective styles that are both stylish. Janelle Monae has taken her look to new heights with braided top knots and face-framing Bantu knots for an eye-catching half-up black hairstyle that works with almost any outfit.

Tessa Thompson’s fishtail braids

Empire star Claire Underwood achieved an eye-catching Dutch braid updo, perfectly complementing her voluminous green Valentino dress, thanks to assistance from her braid guru. Lacy Redway worked magic to craft Thompson’s striking red carpet look featuring lob-jumbo box braids reaching almost to the floor.

Keri Hilson’s sleek tendrils

Keri Hilson sports an elegant short braid style with side-sweeping bangs for an eye-catching bob-cut look. Pair this look with dark sunglasses and black dresses to elevate the glam factor! Keri wore this stylish half-up/half down style when attending the Grammy Awards 2016. Her face-framing braids beautifully opened her face, making her even more stunning than usual.

Braids are one of the most versatile protective hairstyles for Black women. Not only are they fashionable, but they’re also an icon of culture and heritage – try this elegant ‘do at your next formal event!