Black and Silver Hair Color Trends

Silver highlights can add the perfect splash of shimmer to dark hair.

Silver highlights are a popular choice for adding some sparkle to dark hair. They work well with any base color, but black hair stands out when highlighted with silver. To achieve this look, the stylist will bleach the bottom strands to a light blonde shade and then apply light grey dye for the desired silver color. It may take multiple visits to the salon, but the final result will be worth it. Silver highlights suit women of all ages and can bring dimension to any hairstyle.

The balayage technique is an effective way to lighten your hair without completely covering it.

Balayage is a technique that allows for gradual lightening of the hair without fully covering it. It will enable you to choose a shade that complements your skin tone. For those with warmer complexions, such as those who prefer warm brown tones, a balayage with silver highlights will look more natural than cool blonde ones. Try adding copper red highlights for extra flair. Ash-blonde locks will also benefit from silver balayage for a radiant finish, especially if you’re hesitant about going fully blonde.

The ombre hair trend works well on black locks, too.

The ombre hair trend is not limited to blondes or lighter hair colors; it looks equally stunning on black hair. To achieve this look, opt for a cool grey or silver ombre color with dark roots, fading into white tips. This eye-catching style is sure to turn heads. Try a silver ombre with dark roots for maximum visual interest if you have longer hair. You can also go for a softer gradient if you prefer something less dramatic. When coloring your hair, a nourishing scalp serum like SheaMoisture’s Wig