Choosing the Right Color for Your Silver Strands

Gray hair may be an inevitable consequence of aging, but it can also make a statement. Silver strands can look chic by choosing the appropriate hue or dyeing it yourself.

If you want to dye your hair, select a permanent shade within two shades of your natural hue; semi-permanent dyes won’t cover stubborn roots as effectively.

Black Hair

Black hair has long been seen as a symbol of resistance against power relations and oppression. It can take on different shapes: straight, wavy, or curly; tight coiling may result from how tightly or loosely its follicles coil, as well as being used as an identity marker and a source of pride for many people.

Good-looking black hair in video games is cause for celebration when done well. Sony’s rendition of Miles Morales as Spider-Man from 2020 garnered widespread critical acclaim due to his clean line-up and fade, while in God of War, a character with well-realized locs inspired admiration via Twitter.

But when done improperly, black hair can become the target of insidious bigotry. From high schools that disallow students who cut off their dreadlocks to digital ads featuring only non-Black women with short locks – discrimination against Black hair is accurate and widespread.

Gray Hair

Gray hair has long been seen as an indicator of old age; however, that perception is changing with some brands embracing gray locks as part of their brand image – including Wendy’s (they now feature a grey-haired logo), Sports Illustrated, and Dove Canada who tweet out messages to KeepTheGrey on social media.

Recent research indicates that stress could speed the appearance of gray strands by slowing melanocyte stem cell pigment production. Researchers conducted experiments using high-resolution scanners that captured images of each hair to observe participants experiencing stress when their follicles produced less melanin near their roots during stressful moments, leading them to turn whiter than usual.

Those transitioning from gray hair can benefit from consulting a stylist about hair highlights or switching to a demi color that won’t damage strands as you grow out the gray strands. A well-executed pixie cut or long layers may also conceal gray strands; regular visits with your stylist or colorist are essential in maintaining healthy locks and must also take place.

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is a lighter shade with low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin, often associated with innocence and youth in Western culture. First seen 11,000 years ago during the last ice age. Nordic mythology depicts blondes such as Freyja and Sif as deities with this hair color.

Platinum blonde is currently one of the trendiest hair colors. This stylish shade works wonderfully on light to medium skin tones and is an effective alternative to gray locks.

Ginger blonde is an attractive, soft, reddish-blonde hue with warm undertones that works beautifully for all complexions and is an excellent option for women seeking to emulate natural redheads. To create this look, consult your stylist about adding soft baby lights and tealights to your platinum blonde hair color. This technique adds a seductive dimension without the hassle of touch-ups and helps avoid brassiness. This technique is excellent for busy people because it saves time and money on frequent salon visits!

Red Hair

Red hair can be caused by mutations to a Melanocortin 1 Receptor (MC1R) gene on Chromosome 16. These mutations alter skin and hair pigmentation by producing more red phaeomelanin pigmentation found on lips and nipples and less of the brown and black melanin present in brown and black locks; its shade depends on other mutations that regulate overall pigmentation of both your skin and hair pigmentation.

Redheads have historically been seen as dangerous outsiders. Piero di Cosimo’s Mary Magdalene is an emblem of sin and lust, depicted as both angelic and demonic, by showing it with angels and demons in her image.

Judi Dench’s signature pixie cut for years accentuated her blue-gray locks while being low maintenance. As is typical with all colored hair, however, its hue fades faster than natural locks; therefore, it may need touch-ups such as balayage. Heat-protecting products and cold water were used during washings to avoid yellow-tinted ends.