African American Hairstyles

African-American hairstyles are diverse and rich in history. No matter what style is best suited to you – from natural girls with small Afros to those sporting fades and cornrows; to relaxed styles like bobs, pixie cuts, or twist-outs – there is undoubtedly one out there for everyone!

Popular short styles among black women include slicked-back bobs and cute faux hawks. If you prefer something more luxurious, consider adding platinum blonde highlights for added shimmer!

Slicked Back Bob

Whether your locks have natural curls or big and spiraling coils, the slicked-back look effectively shows off your individuality and highlights your style. To achieve it, apply a defining product such as pomade to dampen hair and blow-dry away from your face before combing back your locks for a flawless result.

The slicked-back look can be achieved on any hairstyle, but it looks particularly striking when worn on short haircuts like pixie cuts and other shortening forms. It makes an effortless style that works both at work and out on the town; try adding a shaved design or feathering the edges for variation!

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk haircut is a more subdued version of its more well-known counterpart, the mohawk. It features its signature strip of long hair down the center, shortening and adding more texture to its top portion. It is ideal for oval and triangular face shapes as it will elongate their features.

This short and flirty look can be so much fun to play around with. If your hair has curly or coily textures, consider using a texturizing cream or wax to amp up its volume before styling it into a faux hawk style – adding texture will give it added bounce and seduction!

Long Frizzy Curls

Long, wavy, and chic – this black hairstyle offers plenty of texture and movement while remaining low maintenance. Perfect for any face shape. To achieve it properly, curling irons should be used to add definition as well as moisturize your locks to avoid dryness.

Kay from Hampton Roads, Virginia created this wavy bob style to suit women with curly or textured locks. To achieve it, use deep wine hair color for an eye-catching pop of color while making sure your strands remain properly moisturized to avoid dryness.

Rose Beige Ringlets

Black women with thick curly hair will find that ringlets are an ideal way to showcase the natural texture and shine of their locks. Plus, this low maintenance style can last for six weeks with regular touch ups and use of shine spray from time to time!

Make this look your own with long loose or cropped styles like actress Zendaya Coleman’s. Just ensure to use a product specifically formulated for ethnic hair to accentuate those tight coils!

If you want a splash of color without making a commitment, try this chestnut brown rose gold mix! This shade will illuminate your complexion and complement pink lip shades beautifully – don’t forget to combine this protective style with full bangs to showcase your face frame!