Black African Hairstyles

Black women are reinventing how they wear their hair like never before, from jumbo twists and afros to technicolor wigs and graphic fades – nothing is off limits when styling their locks.


Cornrows are iconic black African hairstyles, showcasing the beauty of black textured strands. You can style cornrows to look sleek and chic or sassy and fun; adding braid beads can give them an eye-catching edge! Add a border and personality to this classic style by trying Ghana braids woven around your head in multiple directions. Additionally, they pay homage to Fulani braids by featuring thin central braids down the center parting for an added touch – it makes this style all the more stylish! The final result is both contemporary and modern! Short-haired women can still enjoy the look of cornrows with these voluminous feed-in braids that hug around the head like cornrows do, making for easy maintenance with the help of hairspray to keep their braids looking flawless for weeks. This protective style makes an ideal protective style.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are an easy and stylish way to add a splash of color or texture to any look, perfect for transitioning seamlessly from daytime activities to an evening out. The style is inspired by Bantu culture in central Africa, who believe their hair connects them closer to heaven and has unique spiritual power. Though African knots have an extensive and rich history, they are frequently misunderstood and politicized by Western cultures, leading them to be attacked, discredited, or even stolen. Beginning with cleansed and conditioned hair, section it loosely using a rat-tail comb for easy handling and to help your Bantu knots maintain their shape (unlike twisted curls). Twirl each strand to form rope-like coils before coiling them around themselves to form tiny buns or knots throughout your head – repeat until all knots have been neatly divided up!


Braided styles provide protective styling and allow your natural locks to shine, from short pixie cuts to longer bobs. By adding curls or extensions, braided styles offer another way to customize your appearance and change your look. Black African hairstyles with braids – be they full head braids or simply some cornrowed strands on top – have long been one of the most fashionable looks, combining cornrows’ tight grip on your scalp with the volumizing effect of box braids on the crown of the head for maximum volume and stylishness. This braid style can also make a statement when worn alone! This look is also versatile, as it can be worn with a slicked-back updo-style or an elegant 1970s flip-out like singer Saweetie’s signature look. This braided style serves as an alternative to the shaved mohawk. It works on all face shapes by creating multiple braids or twists at the crown and combing them down for an ultra-sleek finish – similar to how dreadlocks appear but without all their maintenance requirements.

Long Frizzy Curls

Afro-textured hairstyles have long been seen as a symbol of Black beauty and power, appearing in ancient Egyptian drawings, engravings, and hieroglyphics and even worn by iconic figures like Queen Nefertiti. For an elegant and feminine look, try this long braided ponytail style that accentuates your face shape while featuring a bold, choppy fringe. Suitable for all densities and curl types. Dot your locks with passion twists for an eye-catching combination. This style combines the thickness and volume of box braids with the softness and natural appearance of passion twists for an eye-catching style. Pair this look with a bold ombre tint, and watch your luscious locks become the center of attention! Suitable for women with 3a-3c textured hair, moisturize your curls daily to prevent frizz and maximize shine! Also great as an ebony color enhancement tool, ask your stylist to strategically place red and warm tones around your face to accentuate this style!