Bigen Hair Color Review

The Benefits of Bigen hair Color

Bigen hair color revolutionary powder formula activated by water leaves natural-looking color in your gray locks. Be sure to read and follow all instructions carefully to achieve an excellent outcome.

How to Use Bigen hair Color

Bigen Powder, Permanent Hair Color, offers an effective yet safe way to create beautiful, natural-looking color with excellent grey coverage. Containing no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, it is less damaging than many other permanent hair colors. Instead, it uses a unique deposit-only formula that opens the cuticle so color seeps into and darkens hair without lifting actions. It also offers a mild masking aroma that won’t irritate the nose or eyes during coloring. Follow the directions provided on the label!


Ingredients and Safety Precautions

Bigen powder hair dye contains sodium perborate, an extremely hazardous chemical that can damage eyes and skin, cause respiratory irritation, and even spark fires when in contact with certain materials.

Longevity of Bigen Hair Color

Bigen, which translates to “origin of beauty,” has been Japan’s number-one hair color brand for over 100 years. Backed by science and quality-minded commitments, this trusted brand continues to help individuals with dark natural hair achieve beautiful, lasting results at home. Bigen offers permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes without ammonia or peroxide, providing healthy, silky smooth locks. Their powder formula activates with water to deposit rich, natural-looking color into grey waves without the damaging effects associated with other dyes, lasting much longer than most semi-permanent ones.

Side Effects and Misconceptions

Bigen hair dye side effects may include itchy, red scalps and headaches that vary in severity depending on a person’s tolerance of its chemicals. It is essential not to use metal bowls when mixing this hair dye, as it disrupts the oxidation process and leads to unexpected color results.

Bigen is often misconstrued as being gentle on hair because it contains no ammonia; however, this should not be taken to mean that many other dyes contain harmful chemicals, such as sodium perborate, which has been known to harm unborn babies during gestation. Bigen is often misunderstood as containing henna, but this is entirely false. Henna is not natural and cannot provide full gray coverage for those with naturally dark hair. Bigen excels at providing full gray range thanks to its innovative powder permanent hair dye formula activated with water that deposits natural-looking color onto even stubborn gray strands.