Big Sexy Hair Revamps With Three New Formulas

According to Caleb Foltermann, the brand’s General Manager, the Big Sexy hair line has been given a brand-new look along with three new products that aim to boost volume and improve manageability.

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If you want to add volume and fullness to your hair, check out these sulfate-free and color-safe shampoos and conditioners from Big Sexy Hair. They are specifically designed for thick, full locks.

Volumizing Shampoo

Volumizing shampoos is the key to creating fuller and more lush locks. The best ones remove product buildup and excess oils that weigh down the hair while leaving it moisturized and soft. Look for shampoos with biotin, maltodextrin, and wheat proteins to give fine or thin locks an all-day boost. These shampoos may also contain texturizing agents to create the appearance of thicker strands.

For color-treated hair, choose a volumizing shampoo made explicitly for dyed locks to prevent fading and keep your hair smelling fresh.

Volumizing Conditioner

Volumizing conditioners are designed to lift your hair without weighing it down. They penetrate the hair cuticle to create volume from root to tip, leaving your locks touchably soft. Look for conditioners with natural botanical extracts and antioxidants to soothe your scalp, protect your color, and maintain moisture levels.

After cleansing your hair with Big Sexy Hair Color Safe Volumizing Shampoo, apply the conditioner evenly throughout your hair and rinse out thoroughly for voluminous locks.

Volumizing Dry Shampoo

To maintain complete and thick locks, consider using a volumizing dry shampoo. These sprays absorb oil without weighing down your hair, leaving it fresh and volumized. Spray onto your hair and scalp, paying attention to the roots, then brush out any excess product.

Some volumizing dry shampoos can double as blowout primers and provide UV protection. One popular choice is the IGK dry shampoo, known for removing build-up, addbuildupme and texture, and enhancing your hair’s scent.

Volumizing Spray Mousse

The Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Plus’ volumizing spray mousse is perfect for giving any style a lift and fullness boost. It dispenses as a mist and turns into a mousse, ensuring total volume from roots to ends. The humidity-proof formula offers a flexible medium hold, making it suitable for all hair types. Apply it on damp hair for a lifting effect or directly on dry hair for textural volume enhancement.

Modern mousse products have come a long way, and they can now treat, protect, and hydrate your hair while providing an all-day natural look with some texture. Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Styling Mousse is an excellent option as it offers heat defense to hold your styles in place.