Big Hair With Layers

Long hair with layers is an elegant style for those seeking an easy maintenance solution. Layers add volume and keep the locks healthy, providing an eye-catching appearance without too much upkeep required. Pair your lush locks with side-swept bangs to make an impactful statement about yourself and make an impressionful look! This style works for various face shapes and looks beautiful with balayage or ombre hair coloring techniques.

Braided Mohawk Updo

If you’re searching for something different to wear on special occasions, why not try this stunning braided mohawk? Featuring thin side braids and glamorous gold cuffs, the combination of these beautiful styles is sure to garner many compliments from friends and family alike! This fashionable hairstyle is ideal for bold and daring individuals, making a statement without breaking the rules. Perfect for nightlife events as well as formal affairs. Additionally, this hairstyle allows you to experiment with braiding styles before choosing one that works. Try a braided Dutch mohawk with tiny Bantu knots for an eye-catching style. The twisty strands will add texture to your locks for an attractive, natural, and kinky appearance – this style works for all complexions and hair types!

Slick Hair

Slick hairstyles work best on medium to long strands, though shorter cuts can still sport this stylish trend. To achieve the modern smooth style, comb back strands using pomade or gel, leaving them in place with pomade. For an authentic classic slick style, use a fine-tooth barber comb to slick your locks straight from forehead to crown of head – an easy and stylish look! Michael Douglas made an impression as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street by donning a tight, defined, slicked-back look that signified his no-one-mess-with-me bravado. While this style usually pairs with pompadours or quiffs for an Old Hollywood flair, you could also use gel. A firm-hold pomade is often oil-based, but you could also opt for gel for a dryer hold.

High Half-Updo

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is easy to achieve and looks chic for any special occasion, whether that means attending a wedding or prom. Show off those gorgeous locks by wearing this trendy style! Try this romantic style on wavy curls to make the colors pop, or opt for more of an elegant ponytail with black bow barrettes for an additional dose of glamour for red-carpet events. This chic style is perfect for daytime events; the details will depend on how it’s executed. Choose between intricate braided styles that feel feminine or an understated but structured bun that suits work environments.

Braided Headband

Boho brides can have all their boho wedding dreams come true with this romantic braid. Layer on plenty of hairspray, backcomb it as much as desired, and admire this eye-catching look. Those with thick, wavy locks may benefit from adding curls at the bottom for a more polished appearance. This attractive half-up braid headband works for any event – casual jeans and tees or Zoom conference calls with friends! Create this easy DIY braided headband by cutting five strips of fabric, laying them out side-by-side, and gluing their edges together. Cool before using tape to secure seams so the headband lasts longer.

Braided Fishtail Braid

As complex as it appears, this braided look is simpler to achieve than expected. After tease-braiding in French braiding style along the back of the head in fishtail fashion, hair is pin-tacked into a loose chignon bun at the base of the neck for finishing touches. Marjan recommends starting this style with second or even third-day hair for maximum ease and hold. She suggests spraying some dry shampoo, such as KLORANE’s Volumising Dry Shampoo, on the roots to create more storage. Separate your hair into two even sections and check in the mirror to ensure they’re evenly spaced. Next, take one of the outside strands from the one-half section, cross it over onto its opposite side, and incorporate it into an adjacent half section – repeat this step until you reach the crown of your head.