Big hair hairstyle

The big style was a common trend during the sixties. It emphasized largely styled hair and a large area around the head. It also looked more masculine and macho. You can achieve this look with a long, layered cut. This style is best suited for men with thick hair. For maximum effect, you should fluff it up a bit before styling it. You can keep a trim every couple of weeks or so if you don’t want to go overboard.

If you have a lot of hair, you can try a big style for a fresh look. Long, messy styles are perfect for men with a big, masculine personality. However, if you have very fine hair, you should stay away from these styles. In addition to the style itself, you can also add a bow to that. The extra touch can make you look like a princess!


For big hair, an updo can be the perfect style for the modern man. It’s chic, easy, and can easily be done with your long locks. A few tips to get a nice hairdo for long tresses are listed below. First, remember that the style needs to be consistent in length. If you want to achieve a smooth look, you should add some texturizing spray to the top. If you have fine or very dry tresses, you can wait until the end of the day to wash and style your locks. Next, you can fluff the strands of your long tresses to give them a voluminous and effortless look.