Big Cornrows Styles and Edgar hair Cut Design


Big cornrows are an easy way to add a unique look to that. Braiding the strands at the top of your head makes it very versatile. You can use various accessories to create a stylish look. One popular choice is to place beads at the bottom of each twist. You can also use different colors of string on each braid. You can also add extensions to that to make it even more spectacular.

Big Cornrows Styles and Men haircut Design

Big cornrows are the perfect choice for women who don’t want to sacrifice their natural curls. They’re sleek, shiny, and versatile. They can be worn at any occasion, from formal to casual. Alternatively, you can pin them beneath your nape to keep them in place. It’s the ultimate solution for long, thick, straight hair. Just make sure to follow the instructions on that care product package!