Hairstyles For Big Cornrows

Bring out the natural texture of your cornrows for an eye-catching, romantic look that adds elegance to any outfit. Exaggerate their natural curliness or style them into swoops or spirals for maximum impact. Maintain this protective style properly for two to six weeks for best results. Regularly moisturize your scalp, protect the braids with a scarf or bonnet when sleeping, and moisturize regularly during the daytime.

Interested in an eye-catching hairstyle that makes an impressionful statement? Try large cornrows adorned with beads or ribbons – the beads provide an authentic element while bows or ribbons add feminine contrast – this hairstyle works exceptionally well for girls in elementary school. Cornrows offer an eye-catching twist to traditional pigtail braids. Their youthful and expressive style features stacked braids for an eye-catching effect that frames and highlights your daughter’s features. For an elegant style, braid her hair into straight-back large cornrows similar to Letitia Wright, Zoe Kravitz, or Yara Shahidi and accessorize with cuff beads or braid rings.

Large cornrows or Ghana braids are one of our go-to protective hairstyles for black women, perfect for everyday wear or special events. Keke Palmer, Gabrielle Union, and Zendaya have all rocked this look, typically involving three to nine rows of braided hair or Marley braid extensions. For a contemporary aesthetic, mix side cornrows with more minor twists and braids for an eye-catching design. This fun style lets you showcase your natural locks while allowing you to experiment with various thicknesses of braids ranging from thin to jumbo!

Fula braids offer an elegant way to achieve a sleek appearance, featuring cornrows woven down the center from front to back and interwoven between them. Famous figures like Keke Palmer and Gabrielle Union have worn them. Add an eye-catching flair to this traditional hairstyle by embellishing it with beads and cuff rings for an eye-catching twist that adds an element of protection – ideal for special events! Try something asymmetrical for a fresh take on classic cornrow braids: try wrapping them asymmetrically around your head to give yourself an off-center look that feels young and playful yet subtle enough for work or school environments.

Large jumbo cornrows are an effective way to showcase your hair’s texture while looking chic. Their feminine yet powerful aesthetic makes them ideal for special events or when extra compliments are desired! Add some shimmer to your cornrows by accessorizing them with gold cuffs or other hair accessories, or wear them in a high cornrow ponytail for a sleek yet beautiful look that offers protection and protection from tangles. Another beautiful cornrow style involves feeding cornrows into a tree braid design. This look works exceptionally well if you have long or weaved hair, with particular compliments going to those who sport blonde highlights.

This beautiful hairstyle is ideal for young girls to make a fashion statement while protecting and keeping their locks healthy and dense. The classic two-cornrow braid is an iconic style that exudes confidence. Depending on personal preference and hair length, they can be worn low or high. Add an eye-catching pop of color with colored extensions for an eye-catching twist that will get noticed at work or school. Complete this look with a sleek bun for chic styling, or leave baby hairs free for a more youthful aesthetic.

An impressive look like this demonstrates no limit to the stylish ways cornrows can be worn. Instead of just doing one straight-back style, this intricate braided mohawk features verticle cornrow bunches to create an eye-catching silhouette. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase and using shea butter as a conditioner to prevent dryness is another excellent way to maintain healthy hair. Stunning Ghana braid designs may be your solution if you want an understated yet stylish updo. Pull it back into a low bun at the nape of your neck for an eye-catching, quick, and simple style.