Big Braids Hairstyles

If you want to add some flare to your braided look, try incorporating colored threads in your hair. Not only will they brighten things up a bit,, but they’ll also give your braids extra protection!


Cornrows are an iconic African-American style: raised braids worn close to the scalp that protect while looking sexy and stylish. Add a unique spin to an otherwise classic hairstyle by having your stylist create spaced-out, asymmetrical cornrows. These statement braids add a playful element to any ensemble and will draw all eyes when worn with blonde locks! Beyonce made her cornrows famous when she donned them for Destiny’s Child video “Why Did You Leave Me” and has worn them regularly ever since. Pairing her cornrows with an elegant bun and bold beads creates a timeless style perfect for any event. If you want to give cornrows a try, divide your hair into two parts just as if you were making French braids. Braid each section, starting at the center of your forehead and working down towards the nape of your neck; be sure to add small strands of hair into each braid stitch for extra security.

Senegalese Twists

If cornrows are too time-consuming, try switching up your style by opting for an easy yet low-maintenance Senegalese twist hairstyle. They’re easy to style into a deep side part or high ponytail for everyday chicness and look great paired with statement earrings for added impact. Koudou suggests keeping your twisted locks looking fresh by washing them only once or twice weekly and applying an anti-itch spray before sleeping with them wrapped up in a satin scarf or bonnet. In addition, be sure to moisturize daily using either henna or hair color treatments with moisturizing properties to maintain vibrant twists. Add an eye-catching pop of color with some ombre highlights for an eye-catching and striking twist look! Simply ask your stylist for an ombre hue with darker roots and lighter ends for easy customization of twists!

Braided Ponytail

Braided ponytails are timeless beauty statements. This adorable hair idea works for any event and occasion, from long box braids to more relaxed fishtail styles. Keep the braids simple as Kerry Washington does, or add patterns, beads, or bows for glamour and sophistication. Opting for this style by covering your ponytail elastic with braids is a stylish and seamless way to wear this look; additionally, this helps give an unobtrusive finish and hides it more naturally. Create an eye-catching swoop style by highlighting your forehead and eyes with glitter for an added glam touch. A braided ponytail can also help promote natural hair growth while cutting down daily styling time; plus, it looks fantastic no matter your hair texture, length, or color! A braided ponytail also makes an excellent statement piece on formal occasions!

Side Braids

For an effortless boho vibe, create this side braid using various braids. Start by creating a wheel pattern of small braids on one side before crossing them over with larger braids that fall from them on the opposite side – perfect with flowing sundresses and Wayfarer sunglasses! Doing a side braid efficiently is straightforward – separate a small section of hair from your lower sweep, braid it, and pin its ends back onto your head when finished for a complete look. Perfect for picnicking in the park or biking through town! Beginners looking to start braiding can follow this tutorial from YouTuber Missy Sue for all the tips and tricks needed. Once you master the fundamentals, experiment by adding beads or flowers onto the top strands.