How to Style the Bi-Level Haircut

The bi-level haircut is an eye-catching and versatile style. It consists of short side-swept bangs that fall from chin to shoulder length. Although often associated with bisexuality, anyone can wear this cut. Longhaired women will significantly benefit from its flattering styling. Butch lesbians can rock this style with just the right amount of swagger! Recommended products for styling include texturizing creams such as TIGI Bed Head Manipulator and Texture Paste, and high-hold hairspray such as TIGI Bed Head Hard Head.


The shag haircut creates a textured, heavily-layered appearance that frames and balances the features of the face. First popularized during the 1970s fashion boom, its timeless appeal remains relevant today. Whether full bangs are added for extra impact, or you go for piecey and wispy locks, this timeless hairstyle suits any face shape and length of wearer. For an added layer of texture, apply a texturizing product on damp hair before blow drying it – this will make styling your new look much more straightforward and add that extra special something! Dip dye hair for an eye-catching effect! This technique lets you add vibrant hues without streaks of color showing through. Choose from bold red shades ranging from rose gold, strawberry, wine, or classic auburn; just be sure to use sulfate-free shampoo to prevent color fade and maintain healthy locks!


A mullet haircut consists of two distinct sections of hair: long and short. This cut can be styled slick back or side swept for added style or with a modern quiff to create an eye-catching contrast between lengths. You could also add a fringe for extra flair or create editorial-inspired designs on your forehead, such as geometric shapes or minimalist lines for additional flair. Curtain bang haircuts provide another variation on the classic mullet, creating an eye-catching and distinct silhouette. This style combines sleek, slicked-back styling with an indented or faded temple fade for a different profile for clients seeking to channel their inner rock star or celebrity. The Kentucky waterfall (commonly called Missouri compromise or hockey hair) is a more subtle take on classic mullet styles, featuring shorter straight sections on both sides with faded temples and longer curly locks running down the middle. This style is ideal for those who have naturally wavy or curly locks, as it highlights their volume and movement.


If you adore the look of a bob, you will be pleased to know it is not only bisexual-friendly but also versatile. From Helen Mirren-inspired, more sculpted styles such as short pixie-style bangs or longer side-swept bangs – there is an array of variations available! Begin by thoroughly washing and drying your hair to an unusable state. This helps ensure any leftover product, oil, or dirt won’t clog your scissors. After this step is completed, use a ponytail holder to hold back your locks as you cut; this will allow you to form the basic shape of a bob without getting scissor-happy in the back. The bisexual bob has quickly become an iconic look in pop culture, worn by fictional characters and pop stars to emphasize their sexuality. One iconic example is Marceline from Adventure Time, who switched her long locks to a short bob with bangs after establishing a romantic relationship with Princess Bubblegum.

Bi-Level Fauxhawk

Customers with naturally curly locks can add texture and volume to their style with a bi-level faux hawk cut. This style keeps some length on the sides and top, transitioning into a fade in the back for an eye-catching, versatile style that is easily styled, whether for a sleek, slick back, or messy tousle styles. A lightweight mousse or pomade will help tame those curls! Julianne Hough recently donned a stunning faux hawk at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards. To achieve this look, spray your locks with texturizer spray and tease the roots. Next, rub some wax or pomade into your hands before smoothing back the sides for an impressive style statement. Faux hawks are an easy and subtle way to express yourself without going too far. Wear one on the weekend, then tone it down for work during the week – just be sure to get a fade with medium-length hair to prevent unsightly lines!