A Guide to Bi Level haircuts

A bi level haircut highlights the face’s best features while adding texture to your hair. This edgy cut is ideal for fashionistas and edgy types who like to experiment with their hair. For an authentic grunge or pattern leather finish, you can add a bit of pomade or wax. Alternatively, you can go for the classic look and choose a short style that falls on the middle.

Short hair


A bi level haircut is a style that is worn by both men and women with short hair. The cut features short sides and a dramatic drop behind the ears. The style became popular during the early 1980s, but its popularity has waned over the years. Originally, it was a style for girls who wanted to show off their faces, but today it is more acceptable for both men and women. The bi level haircut is often worn with a short, square bob, with a low ponytail, and has become a timeless cut for both men and women.

Long hair


Bi level haircut is one of the latest trends in hairstyles. It features a heavy disconnection from the face frame and is worn by both men and women. The trend is based on the Dorothy Hamill Wedge Cut, which was popular from the 1970s to the early ’80s. It is usually short in front, and grows out abruptly behind the ears. This style is also known as the ‘cool girl’ haircut.



A mullet is a bi level haircut that is often worn by men and women. This hairstyle was popular during the ’80s, when the band Hall & Oates made it famous. Mullets were also known as an “ape drape” or “neck warmer” and were popular among both men and women. Those wearing mullets probably looked cool and kept their necks warm and dry. They were also difficult to grab during battle. This style also prevented hair from getting in the face. Additionally, they fit better into helmets, making them a perfect match for mullets.

Layered bob


A layered bob is a great style for both short and long hair. It features multiple layers and a low layered cut. If you’d like a layered cut, consult with a stylist for more information. This style looks chic and stylish in both casual and formal settings. Short and layered hair is a classic style that is ideal for a bold woman. If you’re tired of wearing long, wavy hair, consider a layered bob to update your look.



The Fauxhawk is a trendy, bi-level hairstyle that looks great on guys with medium-length, curly hair. This style suits men of all head shapes, especially if they have very curly hair. The top side of this style is dangling without product, which adds a sense of masculinity and personality to the cut. A classic faux hawk haircut is perfect for outdoors-oriented guys who like to wear their hair down.



The bob haircut has become an iconic look, and it was popular amongst female rebellious celebrities during the 1990s and early 2000s. Various versions of the bob haircut were favored by stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Winona Rider, who gave the style a modern edge. Films also featured bob haircuts, such as Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction as Mia Wallace, or Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot in The Royal Tenenbaums.

Sculpted bob


A bi level sculpted bob is an excellent choice for versatile women who want to have a classic look with a touch of texture. Pivot Point International offers two styles of bi level cuts to choose from. During the cut, increase layers are sculpted over graduated lengths in the back and fall on top of the longer ones on the side perimeters. This style is best complemented with a center part and diagonal-forward parting.

Bob cut


If you are in the market for a new haircut, consider getting a bob cut. This style is suitable for any occasion, as it requires little maintenance, aside from a blow dry and a little finishing. Here are some tips that you can use to get the most out of your new look. You can even use a bronde hair color to add a unique edge to your bob hairstyle. Bronde is a blend of blonde and brown hues. The hairdresser should choose one tone for the front of your bob, and the other tone for the rest of your locks.

Layered bob cut


A layered bob cut can be stylish and sophisticated, but it is not a style for everyone. You should know exactly what to look for when selecting a layered haircut, and choose a hair stylist who understands your skin tone and styling capabilities. If you do not have the correct layers, the cut could look like an over-grown triangle or “mom” hairstyle. A perfectly cut layered bob is stylish without being overstyled.

Sculpted bob cut


A sculpted bob cut is a popular choice for men and women who want a short, sleek hairstyle that flatters their face shape. The sculpted bob cuts are versatile and can be worn with any hair type. You can also use a flat iron to style your sculpted bob. If you want to add a little drama to your look, opt for a graduated bob cut with a deep side part. A graduated bob style can be worn as a casual hairstyle, or you can channel your inner drama queen and make an appointment for a hair salon. The piecey texture at the ends of this haircut is a key feature of many layers–it can elongate your face and neck.