Beyonce Shows Off Her Natural Hair Length

Beyonce is one of the world’s most-talked-about celebrities. Neal Farinah recently disclosed that Bey’s voluminous cornrows on her Vogue cover were all-natural. Tina Knowles Lawson posted a video showing herself combing through Formation singer Danielle Brooks’ long locks–they were bum-skimming long!

Protective Styling

Beyonce is no stranger to protective styling – an approach that promotes healthy hair growth while allowing her to switch up her look without having to trim her locks regularly. From micro braids and lace fronts to her iconic blonde strands, Beyonce knows how to confidently rock any set of locks.

“Sorry” Music Video

Beyonce dazzled viewers of her “Sorry” music video by donning gorgeous blonde box braids – perfect for adding a sensual edge and complete with its seductive vibe! Beyonce showcased this style beautifully in her “Sorry” video, and it would ideally suit those looking for an updo look.

Formation World Tour

Beyonce made her Formation World Tour debut wearing waist-length Marley twists that included feminine boho touches that could easily be replicated using chin-length wigs. Subscribe now to ESSENCE magazine for more stories like these and stay informed of beauty, style, and celebrity news – you can even find us on Facebook and Instagram for even more updates! ESSENCE aims to promote African-American culture through beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Natural Hair Growth

As a member of the Beyhive, you look to Queen Bey for many things: booty-poppin’ songs to motivate your workout sessions at the gym, Instagram captions that remind you that you’re living your best life, and beauty inspiration – from box braids to pixie cuts, there’s not one style Queen Bey hasn’t tried or perfected; although when she is not rocking a wig or custom sunwash blonde from Rita Hazan’s colorist Rita Hazan she demonstrates her natural hair length. Fans have always been curious to know how Beyonce wears her natural locks during performances and performances; now, thanks to a video posted by her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson, we finally have an idea. In the clip, which shows Tina giving Beyonce a trim at home, her long locks seem to reach up her waist – leaving fans stunned at her beauty influence and natural length!

Natural Hair Texture

Queen Bey is known to sport various styles, including box braids and cornrows, booty-length weaves and pixie cuts, and her signature honey blonde color. Yet, if you look back at childhood photos of this iconic superstar, you’ll see she was born with dark-colored curls! Beyonce always delivers workout songs, Instagram captions, and outfit ideas – not only can fans count on her for inspiration at their next big event or workout session, but she is often looked up to for hair and makeup advice. Her fans often recreate her signature cornrows, box braids, and wigs – just like Bey herself does – no matter if her hair has natural strands or extensions; Beyonce knows precisely how to slay.

Neal Farinah’s Photo

Beyonce has long relied upon longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah and recently gave fans an exclusive glimpse of Beyonce’s natural locks courtesy of this photo by Neal Farinah. Take a look!


Beyonce’s hairstyle has changed throughout her career – from bobs and braids to an elaborate waist-length updo – but one constant has been her signature shade of blonde: honey blonde hues tend to dominate, yet recently, Bey debuted deeper chocolate brown shades reminiscent of her original hue. Her recent filming for HBO’s Insecure required her to film in colder climates, which necessitated darker tones to help create more tan and prevent dry scalp conditions from appearing in her locks. This may explain the transformation.

Tina Lawson’s Video

Tina Lawson recently gave fans a rare glimpse at Beyonce’s natural hair length despite often concealing it behind wigs or extensions. In an Instagram video now deleted by Lawson, Lawson can be seen giving Beyonce a hair trim in what appears to be one of their luxurious homes, prompting Beyonce to mutter “annoying” as she tried keeping her slicked-back locks at an ideal length.