How to Choose the Best Wigs

Wigs are versatile accessories that add flair to any look – from changing Halloween costume looks to covering up hair loss. Here are our picks for long, straight, and kinky bob wigs.

European Hair

European hair strands are widely considered the gold standard in soft and luxurious human hair extensions. You will likely spend more on these than other options available to you.


Monofilament wigs offer the most natural appearance of any cap type. Their transparent mesh mimics scalp skin and allows light to filter through, giving a stunning, realistic-looking appearance. Plus, this construction method makes life more comfortable during cancer treatments when hair loss suddenly arises.

Wigs featuring monofilament crown areas (mono crowns) create the appearance of realistic hair growth at the peak for an authentic, natural-looking result. However, they tend to be among the more expensive options as each monofilament fiber must be hand-tied individually into place by hand for up to 40 hours before being attached securely in its place.

Partial monofilament wigs feature only one section of their crown/top/crown area – typically on the left side, to simulate natural parting – featuring monofilaments; they offer more affordable styling versatility than monitors while remaining lightweight and soft on your head. Hand knotting usually adds the monofilaments while machine attachment creates a light cap, yet may make you sweat more than other constructions.


Hand-tied wigs offer an alternative to wefted wigs in that individual strands are tied individually onto a soft mesh or lace base, creating the illusion of natural hair growth from your scalp – giving an incredibly natural finish.

Socks that provide adequate airflow are lighter and more comfortable to wear for extended periods. Their soft, breathable caps help provide enough ventilation, protecting against hot or itchy scalp conditions.

These hand-tied wigs, constructed of either human or synthetic hair, offer an effective solution to women who suffer from complete or partial hair loss. Their hand-tied cap construction comes in various styles and sizes; one model, for example, features a broad lace base with a monofilament top available in sizes Average and Large for added volume without the commitment of getting their locks cut shorter. They’re an ideal way to add length and volume without going under the knife every few months!


Synthetic wigs have become an increasingly popular option for low-maintenance styles. Constructed using advanced technology, these wigs look natural while immune to humidity issues.

These wigs require only to be cleansed with mild shampoo and air-dried. Finger combing may help eliminate tangles; however, heat treatment or recoloring would ruin their texture and color.

This lace front synthetic wig is an excellent option for anyone seeking a chic style without too much maintenance. It features a comfortable mesh cap with four combs for secure placement on your head and an adjustable rubber band to accommodate your head circumference perfectly. Furthermore, its straight synthetic hair makes styling simple, while its lightweight construction makes wearing it all day comfortable. Besides all this, various colors, including rooted, ombre, and foiled styles, are also available!

Lace Front

Lace fronts offer numerous advantages, one being their snug fit against your hairline and forehead. Furthermore, they allow for great protective styling by enabling cornrowing beneath to provide full coverage without losing coverage underneath.

Wig makers have recently been experimenting with various types of lace, such as transparent and double-lined lace. Both offer distinct advantages that enable wearers to see through their wig for an enhanced realistic appearance while helping prevent traction alopecia.

Muokass lace front wigs are an increasingly popular option, boasting natural-looking synthetic strands that are heat resistant. Available in multiple lengths, from long cascading waves to a sultry lob, the Muokass comes in pretty platinum, lustrous blonde, and chestnut brown shades, so you can create any style imaginable. Just as with your natural locks, be sure to remove lace front wigs regularly and use deep conditioning treatments and scalp exfoliator treatments so they stay healthy.