Pro Stylists Share Their Favorite Summer hair Colors

As temperatures heat up, summer brings an opportunity to change your hair color, and we spoke with professional stylists about their favorite summer-appropriate shades to try this season. To assist us, here is their advice from pro stylists on what summer hair colors they recommend you experiment with this summer.

Pearl Blonde

Pearl blonde is an exquisite mid tone that strikes an ideal balance between platinum and golden blonde; pair it with shadow roots and vanilla front highlights for low-maintenance styling!

Natural Brown

As summer nears, so too does the urge to revitalize your look. But if bold is not for you, try a more subtle change with a dark ginger-hazel brown hue. This warm shade suits all complexions and eye colors from light to deep and can easily be maintained at home through regular coloring treatments.

Amber Honey Brown Money Piece

For brunettes looking for something new and different, an amber honey brown money piece could be just what they need. This warm hue adds depth while remaining natural looking.

Bold and Colorful

If you’re feeling bold, ask your colorist to add a splash of color with peach highlights or pastel lilac strands for a Coachella-esque effect that will turn heads. Or go bold with an eye-catching sherbet shade like bright orange or electric blue for maximum eyeball turnout!

Lemonade Blonde

Once summer hits, now is an excellent time to experiment with a different hue. To brighten strands, stylists recommend trying a warm-toned blonde, such as Leysa Carrillo’s lemony platinum. Carrillo used a darker base color to prevent brassiness while adding subtle shadow roots for depth, making this a maintenance option.

Platinum with Golden Balayage

Platinum can also help lighten your look, though if you’re worried about maintaining its icy hue, consider asking your stylist to add in golden blonde balayage pieces for added warmth–plus, this way, any potential regrowth will be hidden by added highlights!

Copper Brown

Introducing copper tone highlights into your natural brunette color will brighten your complexion. According to stylists Nick Stenson and Annagjid “Kee” Taylor, a copper brown can provide an easy alternative to going blond, adding warmth without damaging your locks. Just make sure you use color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to maintain its vibrancy!

Dirty Blonde

Summertime is an ideal opportunity to go blonde or add lightness to brunette locks without committing. Say goodbye to bi-weekly bleach touch-ups and constant toning by consulting your colorist about a dirty blonde shade with golden undertones that will create an au natural sun-kissed glow.

Ashy Sherbert Blonde

This ashy blonde shade features golden and greige tones for an exquisite dirty blonde aesthetic. It looks iridescent on all skin tones – especially those with fair complexions!

Sherbert Rainbow

To achieve an eye-catching Sherbert blonde look, have your colorist create a color melt with peach and orange highlights for a vibrant rainbow effect that will impress any summer soiree. It works exceptionally well on brunettes; warm tones complement all skin tones beautifully. Maintenance should be simple as long as regular trims and purple shampoo are used against brassiness – similar to how Gigi Hadid pairs hers with face-framing money pieces for added style!

Honey Brown

If you want to add depth and dimension to your blonde for summer, a warm, buttery hue could be just what’s needed. Ideal for medium skin tones, this shade won’t turn yellow as quickly. Ask your stylist to create shadow roots for added depth; vanilla front highlights also bring extra sunshine!

Honey Highlights for Brunettes

Add honey highlights to your brunette mane for an instant complexion boost this season. This approach offers the easiest way to lighten hair without making a drastic color change commitment, making it the ideal low-maintenance solution.

Rainbow Sherbert

Unsavor the summer dessert you love with a sherbert-inspired hue for an entertaining way to refresh your strands this season. Your hairstylist can mix shades of peach, orange, and even bright pink into an eye-catching rainbow effect that will surely get compliments. Keep your look vibrant by attending regular color services and caring for them with quality products like MilkShake or Redken ColorLOKK at-home care routines.