Best Summer hair Colors and Boys hair Cut Pictures


This season, you can’t go wrong with vibrant and bright hair colors. In fact, a rainbow of pastel hues is right on trend. If you’re considering a new color for the summer, consider these trends to spice up your look this season. Rapunzel locks are the foundation of any summer hair color and can complement any skin tone. While warm golden brown roots keep the blonde color grounded, icy white balayage adds a street-style edge. This vibrant hue is also perfect for the beach – it can be worn with a loose shirt and a choker.

There are some definite rules for choosing the best summer hair colors. Blonde is one of the most popular shades, and for good reason! It’s a great color for the summer months because it accentuates a tan beautifully, and it fades beautifully, which is why it’s such a popular choice. You can use a professional colorist or do it at home if you’re unsure about the process.