Best Shaver Or Trimmer For Body Hair

If you want a shaver or trimmer tailored for body hair, look for one with razor-sharp shaving blades instead of clippers. These use rounded and blunt teeth, which reduce nicking during body shaving processes, such as those at genital and armpit areas.

Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5000

It tops our list as our preferred option, boasting a shaver and trimmer in its versatile combo head design.


Many men have dense, thick chest hair that requires precise attention for removal. When selecting a body hair trimmer for chests, one that features both a shaving head and clipper/trimmer can help provide precision shaving in one pass without switching tools or adjusting guards.

Philips Bodygroom 700

Earned our top spot due to its innovative and practical design. One side features a shaving head equipped with four directional blades for thick, dense hairs, while the other side provides five-length settings for trimming shoulder/chest hair or even shaping your groin area.

Remington All-Access Body Groomer

Another fantastic option features its distinctive shape for maneuvering complex contours and rubberized handle that feels secure in your hand. Additionally, its pivoting head follows your body’s natural lines for shaving convenience in the shower – softening hairs while improving razor glide! It is waterproof for an even easier grooming experience!


If you’re tired of using duct tape to secure your face razor or clippers on a back scrubber, consider investing in this multifunctional body groomer. Its long extendable handle enables effortless shaving on the back, shoulders, groin, hip replacements, frozen shoulder syndrome, and back pain; its convenient shape helps avoid painful bending when shaving. It benefits men with hip replacements, frozen shoulder syndrome, or back pain who wish to reduce painful bending when it comes time to shave their bodies!

It is an ideal solution for wet and dry shaving, with its pivoting head providing easy navigation of the back’s nooks and crannies for an accurate, close shave. Furthermore, its small teeth help cut away stubborn hairs quickly, while its efficient motor ensures a fast and comfortable shaving experience.

This razor is an easy, comfortable shaver and delivers a clean shave for the chest, back, and groin areas. Additionally, its long attachment allows you to trim and shave back, shoulders, arms underarms, and underarms with three comfortable trimming combs and an optimized shave head.


The Braun Multigroom is an all-purpose groomer designed for body hair trimming. Featuring length settings (ranging from 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 5mm for stubble) and two comfort guards, it is easy to use, wet or dry, and can last more than a month without charging! It’s an affordable solution with lasting capabilities!

Finding the appropriate type of shaver can be difficult, if your needs vary widely. Shaver’s tend to provide closer and more precise results than clippers but can sometimes be too harsh on sensitive skin. Experimentation is key here – for instance, try different options until you find one that best meets your requirements – such as the Remington XT5, which is excellent at contouring arms and back without leaving you red-faced afterward – good when wet, too! Though not great at dense areas such as your groin, it still does the trick if you prefer shorter hairstyles!


The Braun LV95 electric razor boasts five blades and a self-cleaning base, helping prevent shaving-induced breakouts by disinfecting itself between uses. According to Jason Chen of Strategist Magazine’s deputy editor team, it is “super lightweight and fits nicely in the hand,” catching hairs quickly on first pass without overly exerting pressure (he recommends applying soothing ingredients such as glycerin or aloe as aftershave moisturizer).

If your budget allows, the Philips Multigroom Body Trimmer may be an ideal body trimmer that can touch up sideburns and mustaches – though explicitly designed for something other than facial grooming. Unfortunately, it’s noisier and has a shorter battery life than some of the rivals we tested.