The Best Shag Haircuts

Shags are known for their low maintenance, making them perfect for quick and easy styling. They can be customized to suit your face shape by adding bangs or layers.

Kilo Kish’s Signature Style: Pink Shag

Kilo Kish rocks a chin-length bubblegum pink shag with ragged edges. To achieve this style, use Ouai Matte Pomade ($26).

Long Layered Shag

Long layered shags look stunning on all hair textures, especially wavy locks. Add fringe or use a center parting for a stylish finish. This style is great for growing out long waves without frequent salon visits.

Sleek and Seductive Shag

Shags can be sleek and seductive, as seen on Halle Berry. Use volumizing mousse or texturizing spray for a sleek finish.

Medium Layered Shag

Medium layered shags are stylish and easy to manage. They can be styled into edgy bobs or tousled lobs. Asymmetrical shags offer a modern look.

Modern Shags with Bold Colors

Modern shags with choppy ends are perfect for bold hair colors. Chocolate brown adds warmth, while bright orange creates a dramatic look. Layered shags add balance and volume to bold colors.

Short Layered Shag

Color can add dimension and texture to a shag. Try bright orange for a bold look or a subtle ombre technique with two shades of dye. Long layered shags with curtain bangs are elegant and suitable for many face shapes.

Effortless Rock ‘n’ Roll Style

Shag haircuts offer an effortless rock ‘n’ roll style. Add highlights to your choppy shag to stand out.

Straight Layered Shag

For softly styled straight locks, consider a shag haircut. Add light shades for a two-tone effect or choose bold colors like bright orange or dark auburn.