Best Mens Hair Putty

Make life simpler when styling your mane by selecting an effective styling product – hair putty provides a firm hold with matte finishes for a seamless result. Putty can help men achieve various styles and lengths, from natural looks to more extreme ones. Furthermore, its flexibility means you can reshape it throughout the day as you please.

2. Old Spice Surfer Hair Putty

hair styling putties can help achieve various looks, from messy textures to sleeker styles with smooth surfaces. Different putties offer multiple levels of hold and texture options, so choosing one suitable to your needs is essential. Old Spice’s firm-hold putty caters to seafarers and landlubbers alike with its irresistibly delicious coconut scent and classic matte finish. Plus, it’s free of irritants, making it suitable for men with sensitive scalps. Easy to work with and long-term natural-looking hold, just a little goes a long way too!

3. L’Oreal Paris Studio Unscented Putty

Not every man wants their hair smelling of fruits or flowers, making this unscented best men’s hair putty an invaluable product. Ideal for both thin and thick locks alike, just a couple of dollops will shape any style imaginable while also being gentle to the scalp. Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty is ideal for shorter types. Specifically formulated to add whole, thick texturized style with flexible yet reworkable hold, its clean texture, absence of common allergens (gluten, coconut, and soy), and preservatives that cause allergies are hallmarks of excellence – SkinSAFE approved too! Use just a dime-sized amount when styling.

4. Bed Head by TIGI Putty

Bed Head Manipulator Texturizing Putty is a strong-hold hair styling product designed to protect against frizz and humidity and add texture, definition, and body to your locks. Formulated with Ozokerite that creates a surface between fibers for style control, flexibility, and thicker-looking locks; propylene glycol absorbs and retains moisture to help with frizz control; styling-boosting polymers that act like scaffolds provide even applications and flexible hold – these components all work in concert together for optimal performance! Apply this product to clean, wet hair before scrunching or twisting for an exciting final look. Smelling tropical fruit aroma, this long-term hold product provides robust control.

5. Pete