Best medium-length haircuts

Medium-length haircuts provide plenty of opportunities for creativity. Choose a traditional straight layered cut or go for something bolder, such as shaggy waves with flipped bangs – there are endless possibilities for medium-length hairstyles!

If you own a medium-length bob, try adding blonde balayage highlights. This will add texture to your locks while emphasizing your best facial features.

The blunt cut

The blunt cut is an effortless medium-length hairstyle that is easy to maintain. Apply some serum after styling for that healthy-looking sheen, and you’re set! This style works wonders with naturally wavy or curly locks – Olivia Culpo showcases it perfectly with her shoulder-length blunt bob and sophisticated middle part!

If you want a change, add light-colored highlights to your blunt bob for fun. Just remember to wash only a few times as this could cause its colors to fade more rapidly – however, this style looks equally great, both angled and straight!

The lob

The lob is one of the most beloved medium-length haircuts available and can be tailored to meet any hair texture. A sharply angled long bob can add distinctive dimensions and movement that work great with or without bangs. Plus, it is easier to manage than other forms of hair due to less frizzing issues.

Consider getting long curtain bangs instead for a more relaxed and summery vibe. This version of the lob will add volume and texture to your locks while giving off an air of sophistication – perfect if you have thin or fine hair!

If you want to elevate the style of your blunt lob, opt for blonde balayage highlights for an exciting and eye-catching style. By adding these highlights to your locks, balayage will instantly make them more flattering on you and draw attention to your facial structure.

The long bob

If you prefer long hair but are still deciding whether a lob is for you, try this popular medium-length haircut instead. This style falls just above the collar bones and works great for straight, wavy, or curly locks; furthermore, it also allows for greater color flexibility.

If your hair is fine, this haircut will help it appear fuller and fuller. Enhancing it further with blonde balayage for an eye-catching effect.

This angled bob is suitable for all face shapes, particularly heart-shaped ones. Achieve an exquisite finish by using honey-blonde highlights to accentuate its layers. A deep side part and slight crown teasing complete this shoulder-length style.

The wavy hairstyle

Wavy hair is an ideal medium-length haircut for those seeking a carefree style. Where straight hair struggles to add volume, and curly locks need constant management, wavy has a natural bounce that keeps its beautiful form looking its best.

Shag cuts with their choppy layers are perfect for emphasizing a wavy mane and creating movement, while their layers work great for those with thick hair, lightening its weight while making it more manageable.

Deep side parts are an easy and eye-catching style for shoulder-length wavy hair. Add blonde money-piece highlights for added charm and femininity. This shade will draw more attention to your beautiful eyes while drawing interest toward your face and drawing it away from any potential damage. It’s also great as an introduction to trendier color trends without risking damage to the locks!

The layered hairstyle

Layers can add volume and dimension to a medium-length hairstyle. They’re an effective way of taking weight off thick locks while adding movement and volume to thinner or delicate locks. Choppy or uneven cuts should always be addressed by a skilled stylist who knows how to cut layers effectively.

If you want a feminine-feel layered haircut, try an angled bob with long peek-a-boo bangs to frame your face and features. This look suits all face shapes and makes an excellent low-maintenance option.

An excellent option is a shoulder-grazing layered shag with long wispy layers that hits at or just below the collarbone, perfect for those with curly or wavy locks and pairs well with highlights or darker plum tones.