Best Medium Haircuts 2020

Medium-length locks offer endless styling possibilities, regardless of hair texture or facial structure. Create an effortless laid-back style, or add dimension with highlights and lowlights for an exciting twist!


The pompadour is an iconic hairstyle, adding height and volume to any hair length. Perfect for medium-length hair, this look requires some density with thick follicular mats (Layrite or Uppercut Deluxe are the two top products to use for this look). Straight pompadours with taper fade are excellent choices for formal and casual events and are easy to maintain. A stylish pompadour with light facial hair is sure to turn heads! To modernize the pompadour look, try switching up its styling by opting for a feathered cut with choppy layers or a piece-y lob. A pop of color can also enhance your style; add subtle balayage highlights for an eye-catching softer, and more stylish finish – especially beneficial if your locks have curly textures! Balayage highlights also help bring out their natural texture and bounce, making your locks easier to manage over time.


Shag, the classic look from the 70s, remains fashionable today and suits most facial structures. Medium-length hair works exceptionally well as it adds texture and volume and can easily be styled to meet individual needs; you can add bangs, and side parts, or experiment with highlights! For example, if you have a round face shape, one way to flatter is by choosing a choppy feathered cut with balayage highlights to frame the cheekbones and elongate your face. Alternatively, try a long shaggy bob with side-swept curtain bangs as another solution. Featuring volume and curls, a voluminous messy shaggy lob with rings is a romantic yet feminine style perfect for summer walks or romantic dates. To add dimension and class to thin or delicate locks, a straight shoulder-length bob with shadow roots may add dimension and create tension in the mane itself – a tia-timeless classic that never goes out of style! Additionally, blonde lobs may also be great options for low-maintenance types.


Men with both short and long locks can benefit from choosing medium haircuts for an easygoing style that still looks professional. Their length allows for various hair styling techniques that add texture and volume, giving their locks extra dimension and versatility. A layered cut can help lighten the load of shoulder-length hair, while a low or high fade creates an elegant, modern aesthetic. Comb overs are another stylish and effortless hairstyle; all it requires is some hairspray and some styling tools – but they add an air of sophistication to any ensemble!


At times, medium-length haircuts get overlooked; yet this length provides the perfect compromise between long and short cuts for most hair types. There are plenty of attractive styles you can try in this sweet spot–and some require minimal upkeep! Achieving a look that best compliments your natural texture and face shape is critical. For instance, thick hair requires layers to create flattering shapes while adding volume. Softly blended curtain bangs should graze over eyes and cheekbones to complete this look. Another low-maintenance style is a rounded bob with side-parted, face-framing bangs, perfect for rounder faces but flattering on most facial structures. Pair this look with a fade for an on-trend edgy aesthetic, and for added depth, add some ombre highlights for added dimension and easy maintenance!