The Best Long Haircuts 2020

Long-haired men often fall victim to being stereotyped as old-school music enthusiasts or Woodstock attendees, yet long locks don’t have to mean outdated looks; in reality, they can still look stylish.

Check out these fantastic long haircuts of 2020 to give yourself some long hair inspiration! With face-framing bangs, stunning balayage, and other stunning looks. These best long haircuts could inspire you to grow out your locks for these stylish looks.

Long hair is an elegant style with low maintenance needs, whether worn in a sleek ponytail or loose boho braids – creating an effortlessly stylish look suitable for every face shape and skin type. For added texture to your long OG hairstyle, consider getting a layer cut featuring short and medium layers that start a few inches away from your face. This face-framing look has more of an adult aesthetic than its typical bob counterpart and can easily be styled into ponytails, half-up top knots, or fuller ponytails. A sleek ponytail can be worn with any hair length for a modern and fierce style, by adding layers for definition and volume to the ponytail look.

Consider this trending middle part style if you want an effortless way to style your long locks. Perfect for straight or poker straight locks alike, the central part can also work in top knots or worn pulled back with a slight puff. Get sleeker locks with this super smooth crop cut. Skimming just below the chin, this pixie features trendy features like side-swept bangs and texture for an eye-catching modern long hairstyle that compliments all face shapes.

Long strands with layers always look elegant and chic, no matter your haircut style. Try softly layered curls with loose texture, or add volume with two-toned colors in two separate tiers for added visual impact. Ask your stylist for a gradual, step-layered cut that creates an earthy beach look, or opt for shaggy waves with plenty of volume for a wavy shag look. Layered strands will frame your face and add depth at any length. To add an edgier twist to your layered style, seek expert razoring from your stylist for a razored, razored type with choppy, textured effects. Tousle your strands using texturizing spray and hairspray for a modern, on-trend look that pairs nicely with curtain bangs to frame your face – it’s an elegant yet stylish way of showing off your personality while remaining on trend!

Long hair no longer needs to be restricted to band geeks, Woodstock attendees, and Guns ‘n Roses members – instead, you can enjoy its modern update by adding color. Try a subtle dye job for a grunge vibe, or go all-out and flaunt a double-shaded shade – either way will turn heads and win your hearts over. Feathered layers add dimension and style to this lighter variation on the original cut, giving off a ’70s beachy aesthetic that works exceptionally well with curly textures. Ask your stylist to leave bangs lingering around the brow level for the fullness. Chloe Grace Moretz channels Farrah Fawcett with her flipping out shaggy bangs reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett – they make for the perfect accessory to round facial structures! As more strands grow out from underneath them, their volume becomes amplified.

Long hair can flatter your features in many ways, but certain styles work better than others. Bangs can add dimension and body, face-framing adds framing effect, and layering helps add volume and definition to long fine locks. Feathered balayage also brings size and lightness to any look. Men with thick curly-textured hair can benefit from this chic haircut as a great way to display their natural texture without looking messy or greasy. Additionally, this simple style can easily be obtained at the barber and highlights facial features beautifully. This classic fade men’s hairstyle can be styled for formal and casual events, thanks to the disconnected undercut on top and ultra-short sides. Pair this look with a side part and some gel for a stylish, dapper finish!