The Best Highlights For Brown Hair

Warm and Cool Highlights for Brown Hair

Brown hair has warm highlights and cool accents, providing a refreshing change. Adding blonde highlights can give it a natural sun-kissed look. For a more gradual transformation, ask your colorist to create a gradation from dark to light brown, which suits long layered cuts with waves.

Golden Highlights

People with lighter brown hair can opt for warm golden highlights that require less upkeep. Matching the highlights with your skin tone can create a low-maintenance look with reduced grow-out lines and fading between salon visits. Dark brown strands can also benefit from cool blonde balayage, blending highlights and base colors seamlessly.

Caramel Babylights

To add a hint of lightness to dark brown locks, caramel babylights are perfect. This technique adds subtle streaks of color that blend naturally for stunning results. Warm caramel highlights pair beautifully with mahogany brown hair, especially for olive skin tones. The caramel highlights can also be cool-toned for an ashy effect.

Soft Brown Balayage

Choose soft brown balayage with honey color for a natural look with subtle lightening. This technique adds life to your locks and enhances their overall health. Creamy caramel brown shades work well for all skin tones and look beautiful when styled in beachy waves.

Subtle Brown Balayage

If you prefer light brown highlights with a natural look, go for balayage. Using freehand strokes, this technique achieves more natural-looking highlights and reduces touch-up time at the salon. Mix light caramel and blonde strands with warm brown highlights on shoulder-length hair for a soft and sunny appearance.

Natural Brown Balayage

Light brown balayage highlights seamlessly blend into dark brown strands, giving your locks an effortless boost. These delicate blonde streaks add texture and a natural-looking style to any hair length. Caramel-hued strands can create a sun-kissed glow, particularly when highlighting face-framing sections of hair.

Remember to maintain your color with sulfate-free hair care products and touch up your roots every 8-12 weeks for the best results.