Low-Maintenance Hairstyles For Guys

When it comes to low-maintenance hairstyles for guys, there are various options. A casual quiff is one such stylish look that requires minimal styling efforts. The modern mullet is another eye-catching option, featuring a short front and longer back sections with taper fade sides.

Military-Style Cut

Crew cuts are iconic military hairstyles that provide an elegant yet practical look. This version features a high skin fade for a contemporary twist. Another variation of the classic crew cut is an intricate part style, which adds a statement without looking overly masculine. Consider a shaggy style combining short, spiky crew cuts with longer quiffs for a less severe option.

Textured Crop

The classic crop style with texture exudes a rugged and youthful look. A low fade adds shape, while a blunt fringe adds character. This style is perfect for showing off dyed highlights but requires regular maintenance with products like pomades or clays. Spiky styles also go well with textured cuts.


Men with wavy hair can accentuate their natural texture with an undercut. Combining it with a faded haircut creates a sleek appearance. Low or mid fades work well with wavy hair, providing a graduated effect and offering variations in styling. Long undercut hairstyles combine short sides with long locks on top for a striking look.


Quiffs work well for men with longer hair, especially in creating an elegant pompadour style. Textured quiffs are a more casual variation, leaning towards a faux hawk style. To achieve the look, start with freshly washed, damp hair and apply leave-in conditioner or shampoo for a stylish finish.

Side Part

The side part is an adaptable hairstyle that complements almost any cut. It can be styled back with pomade or gel for a sophisticated look. Side parts work well with fades, undercuts, and disconnects, particularly in the comb-over and pompadour styles. They also pair nicely with full beards for a balanced appearance.

Slicked Back

A classic slicked-back style involves combing hair straight across the forehead with some pomade for hold. It looks sleek and sophisticated on most face shapes and can be paired with a mustache for an iconic look. Jon Hamm’s character in Mad Men achieved his signature slick back style with long-lasting hair gel.