Best Hairstyles For Gray Hair

Whether your gray locks are natural or dyed, you can still look chic and fashionable! Check out some of these stylish gray hairstyles to help get you inspired.

Dame Emma Thompson’s Soft, Wispy Bob

Dame Emma Thompson showcases how a soft, wispy bob works beautifully on gray hair. Her short style frames her face beautifully while showing off her fabulous earrings.

Pompadour for Silver Locks

A classic pompadour hairstyle is an easy and low-maintenance way to highlight your silver locks. This look involves styling the top layer of hair upward and backward, adding height and sophistication. To achieve this look, ask your barber to clip short on both sides and back, leaving about 3-4 inches at the crown of your head before using pomade or gel on it to style it.

Ryan Reynolds’ Straight Comb-Over Style

Like Ryan Reynolds, another great option is to wear gray hair in a straight comb-over style. This simple yet stylish style highlights salt and pepper locks and pairs beautifully with an equally neat mustache.

Try a Tapered Cut

If you want a look that’s even easier to maintain, try a tapered cut. This style shortens the sides and back while leaving longer pieces at the front to achieve an elegant and distinguished style.

Go Classic with a Crew Cut

Your best way to show off silver strands is with a classic haircut highlighting their elegance – such as a short pixie with side-swept bangs – perfect for gray hair strands! This look suits any color perfectly.

Graduated Bob with Diagonal Layers

Graduated bobs can also help highlight your silver locks with diagonal layers. This style works well on any hair type (even curly locks!). For an updated look like Rita Moreno’s feathered finish, you should use texturizing spray and add feathered finishes as Rita has done.

Chic Quiff for Longer Strands

If you have longer strands, try a chic quiff that frames your face and is very on-trend. This style works for men of all ages and can be created using pomade. However, the key to successfully rocking this look is ensuring your gray hairs are neatly groomed without appearing outdated.

Undercut for Trendy Gray Hair

If you have gray hair, pairing it with an on-trend haircut that won’t make you appear elderly is vital to looking your best. A popular style is an undercut featuring short, shaved sides and an unstructured long top which can be styled in various ways, including a slicked-back look or pompadour style.

Layered Feathered Pixie for Feminine Sophistication

A layered feathered pixie is another stunning hairstyle for gray hair that requires little styling to achieve great results. Perfect for women seeking to accent their facial structure with feminine yet sophisticated styles, it offers flexibility in terms of wearability.

Sleek and Stylish Pixie Cut by Sevyn Streeter

Sevyn Streeter proves that gray hair can be stylish when pulled back into a sleek and stylish pixie cut, like this asymmetrical bob by Sevyn. Her cool blue-gray hue contrasts beautifully with her warm complexion, while the blonde highlights add dimension and visual interest to this chic style. Use our Volume Lift Hairspray to add body to your thin strands for the same stylish result!

Long hair with Stacked Bob

Contrary to popular opinion, long hair can still be worn while transitioning into gray. A stacked bob can provide texture control and volume while highlighting your natural gray hue. Just be sure to add a texturizer for that extra boost your locks may need.

Pompadour for a Movie Star Glamour

Another suitable style for gray-haired individuals is a pompadour, which works for all ages and looks fantastic when styled with pomade. Its round shape helps reduce high foreheads while giving your locks that movie-star glamour. You are ideally suited to those with dense and coarse locks. Furthermore, this haircut showcases your beautiful gray shade while drawing attention to your beautiful dark roots and silvery tips, adding an ageless charm. Add stubble or beard for added impact.