Best Hairstyles For Gray Hair

Pixie Cut

This glamorous pixie cut offers short and stylish gray hair styling options. A little pomade can go a long way towards giving this style its signature pompadour effect, which can be worn either slicked back or tousled for more of a pompadour look. If you prefer longer locks, a straight and sleek bob with feathered layers is an elegant style that beautifully highlights new gray hair growth. Additionally, this style can reduce high foreheads while complementing any face shapes.

Stacked Bob

Gray hair can be challenging to style, but a well-layered cut softens and adds volume. As gravity takes its toll on your chin and cheekbones, a layered bob that falls just grazing your jawline can highlight them and bring attention to your features. For an elegant yet casual style, ask your barber for 2 to 3 inches at the crown and front, with sides combed over (rather than clipped). Apply pomade into towel-dried locks before brushing upwards. Styling short grey hair can be easier than you think! This simple slicked-back style works wonders for men looking to show off their grey locks and handle mustaches.

Pixie with Flipped Bangs

Make an impressionful statement with texture in your pixie cut by opting for feathered styles like Rita Moreno’s feathered style or curtain bangs to frame your face and add feminine charm. Your stylist should extend the layers on top, so they can move naturally around your face, creating more volume around it. Try a dark steel gray color, or go lighter with highlights or salt-and-pepper lowlights to complement the shade of your natural locks. Either option makes this style both beautiful and sophisticated for women over 60.

Pixie with Feathered Layers

No matter whether your hair naturally grays over time or is dyed to achieve that famous salt and pepper hue, there are numerous styles you can wear to show off those silver streaks. We particularly enjoy feminine pixie cuts with long layers that taper close around ears and nape. Make an impression statement, whether heading out or running errands, by adding volume with this simple style by teasing teasing your top section upward and backward into a pompadour. It’s an effortless look that is sure to turn heads! This style looks sophisticated and fashionable when worn by women with full heads of gray hair.

Pixie with Undercut

Gray hair is often associated with older age; however, younger women are choosing to sport its silver hues. A cropped pixie with long side strands that droop in front and behind the ears makes a modern statement and shows off your beautiful grays! Add an undercut for a sleeker appearance by incorporating one into your pixie cut. This will provide structure without making your head appear bulky. Dame Emma Thompson wears her feathered bob in layers for an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated look that works for casual and formal events.

Pixie with Long Bangs

Gray hair looks incredible when styled into a straight and sliced bob haircut, perfect for formal events because of its versatility in creating buns or ponytails with ease. The pixie with long bangs is another fantastic way to show off your silver locks. Perfect for curly or wavy locks, its textured finish helps add volume. Ask your stylist for some balayage highlights if you want a subtler form of approaching gray. Mix in silver or white strands for an appealing mix-and-pepper effect.