What’s the Best Hairstyle For My Face?

Understanding your face shape is essential when selecting a new hairstyle, as the ideal cut will perfectly frame and balance out your features for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Oval Face

An oval face benefits from long and textured lobs with height in the crown. Longer styles with side-swept bangs can soften cheekbones and chin areas for heart-shaped facial features.

Round Face

Straight bobs can look incredible on round faces if the length is kept around chin-length and styled with layers that frame your face in an A-line silhouette. Adding texture or thickness with face-framing layers flipped outside can create an eye-catching frame around your face. Consider a blunt lob with curtain bangs for an elegant yet cool-girl style that works on any shade. Long layered wispy bangs are another trendy look, perfect for any length. Pairing this look with short shag or bob hairstyles elongates them and creates a balanced silhouette.

Square Face

A long-layered bob with face-framing layers can be an ideal hairstyle choice for square face shapes. This look creates balance with your strong jawline while looking natural and comfortable for various hair textures. An elongated pageboy haircut is another option that adds volume and definition to fine strands. If you have wavy hair texture, try styling it into a medium-length shag with side-swept bangs for an eye-catching style that flatters any facial structure, especially square faces!

Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces feature a wider forehead and temples that narrow to a small, pointed chin. Most hairstyles will work to flatter a heart-shaped face. Long bobs with soft layers or curls are a good choice. Curly hair works particularly well on this type of facial structure as it softens the angles of the chin while making your forehead seem narrower. Celebrities like Tyra Banks, Kourtney Kardashian, and Reese Witherspoon all sport a classic bob style that is fashionable and flattering on heart-shaped faces. A choppy lob with piecey bangs also frames the face and highlights cheekbones well. Long, loose, wavy layers can also be a good option; ensure your charges reach eyebrow-skimming length to balance facial features and create facial balance.

Oblong Face

If your face is longer than it is wide, adding width at your jawline and cheekbones to create a more balanced appearance may help. Consider opting for an extended layered shag cut that ends below your chin. Its layered texture will make your jawline and cheekbones appear wider while remaining sleek and polished. Short bobs with choppy layers are another attractive style option for oval-shaped faces. Ask your stylist to add extra face framing by giving it a piece appearance and tucking the back strands behind your ears for low-maintenance styling. Additionally, Madame de Pompadour popularized this 18th-century hairstyle that always stays in style as an effective way of accentuating facial structure.