The Best Hairstyle For Men

Assess Your hair and Beard Shape.

A quiff or pompadour adds width to your face, while fade and beard styles elongate it.

Choose a style that reflects your aesthetic.

A messy top with low skin fade is a timeless classic look for casual yet masculine occasions.

Messy Cropped Top

The Messy Comma Hairstyle for Men (MCH) is one of the most iconic crop top hairstyles for men. It boasts both ruggedness and playfulness. This look typically combines a high or middle fade with an unruly long fringe. It works particularly well with wavy or curly hair. You can add subtle contrast by adding choppy layers at the top for dimension—style with light pomade or wax for a textured finish. You can also combine a classic cropped top with a comb-over for a more polished take on this casual trend. Blow dry your hair, comb it over to one side, and run some wax through to add definition. This style works well for hiding receding hairlines or adding length. Alternatively, sea salt spray may add extra texture.

Scissor Crop and Mid Fade

The scissor crop and mid fade are an effortless yet low-maintenance look. It suits all age groups and hair types. Having an expert barber or hairstylist skilled at cutting fades is crucial. This cut is ideal for men with medium-length hair. There are endless style options, such as pompadour and modern crop styles paired with either high or low skin fades. The length of the sides can be adjusted based on personal taste.

Low Undercut

A low undercut can add drama and texture, especially for men with curly locks. Slicked-back undercuts can make a statement in formal settings. Consider a slicked-back undercut with a low skin fade for an elegant and contemporary style. This style highlights the side hair while keeping the top half sleek and modern. Men who want a bold look often opt for a high disconnected undercut fade, which frames the face with skin-tight sides and textured, spiky hair on top. Use high-quality hair gel to ensure the style stays intact all day.

Faux Hawk

The faux hawk hairstyle adds a fashionable edge while paying homage to its classic form. The style can be spiky, orderly, or messy, adding volume and dimension. When choosing this hairstyle, consider your facial structure and select an appropriate haircut and length to meet your desired aesthetic goals. Another popular variation is the ringlet faux hawk, which is edgier and suitable for formal events or casual daywear. Opt for a shorter and easier-to-style version to achieve a subtler take on the faux hawk. Comb through and finger comb it for refined textures or slick it back with hairspray for an edgier appearance.