The Best Hairstyles For Kids

If your kid has curly locks, she can tame it by creating beautiful crown braids. Easy to manage and styled correctly, the braid will keep her hair out of her face while looking full and healthy.

She can add straight bangs that frame her face for an elegant finish for a youthful appearance. This style works on all hair textures and lengths.

Crew Cut

One of the best haircuts for children is a Crew Cut. This high-contrast style works excellent on boys with curly, wavy, or straight locks; minimal maintenance requirements make this an ideal class for school. Add some pomade for added style!

If your child has thick, long hair, a pompadour can be an eye-catching and sophisticated style choice. Although this style requires many styling products for creating those trademark backcombed peaks of a pompadour, it can make for an excellent way to stand out among their peers.

This hairstyle is an alternative to the typical crew cut that combines a quiff with an attractive fade. Sweep the frontal hair forward and use strong-hold gel to give an edgy, spiky appearance. Perfect for boys who wish to express their bold and confident personalities!


Your child can look like the princess she truly is by braiding their hair in an eye-catching style that showcases their individuality. Try creating two adorable pigtail ponytails with kinky flat twists for an irresistibly chic style she will adore!

This style is ideal for type 4-haired children and requires minimal upkeep. A simple protective style keeps her hair out of her face while remaining secure throughout the day, even after an active play session. Add an adorable accessory to complete the look!

If your kid prefers high side-ponys over ponytails, try tying one with a high side-pony with an elegant bow for an eye-catching look that will turn heads at school or casual events. This style works exceptionally well on girls with thick, curly, or coily natural hair.


An updo is ideal for girls with short hair, especially those looking to add flair or keep things classic. Easy for any child to pull off and stylish enough for school, an updo offers femininity and fashion-forwardness in one go – try April Go Lightly’s Gibson Tuck style for inspiration.

Longer side-swept hair for boys looks modern and edgy. If your tween son wants something different, consider styling his longer locks with an angled fringe and fade. Spike spikes can add extra depth by using hair gel to add volume and interest to his style.

Kids looking for a classic yet modern haircut may prefer a high skin fade and clean-cut top. This style pairs well with water-based pomade, providing a solid hold without making for difficult washing at the end of each day – ideal for children involved with sports and active lifestyles.


The Natural hairstyle is an adorable way for children with natural hair to show their beauty. Easy and attractive to manage, accessories can add flair and style. It is perfect for any special event and for narrow faces as it elongates their facial structure.

Create this look by making a center part and styling two pigtails on either side, then using hair ties at intervals along the pigtails to gently tug them to create rounder shapes. Add flowers or ribbons for added flair if you wish, making this style ideal for winter climates.