Best Hairstyle For Face Shape

Whether your face shape is round, heart, rectangular, diamond, or triangle, finding the appropriate hairstyle can help you look and feel your absolute best! This guide will show you all your options – from long wavy layers and a la Ginnifer Goodwin’s look to cute pixie cuts or bold fauxhawks!

Square Face

A long bob with a choppy fringe softens your jawline for an eye-catching style, even with thin hair, thanks to face-framing layers that give this style body. Long shaggy layers with a curved front fringe are another excellent choice for square faces. The edge will blend into your longer layers to frame your cheekbones to the jawline, slimming a broad face. If you have a widow’s peak, try opting for a side part instead of the traditional center part to soften its severe appearance. Add texture with some tousled medium layers falling around the temples for added texture; volumizing mousse will help add fullness, while hairspray can keep everything secure all day long.

Rectangular Face

As long as the sides remain short, many hairstyles can flatter any facial structure. French crops, pompadours, and quiffs work great for height, while comb-over and brushback styles add movement. For something sexier, try fringes similar to Freja Beha Erichsen and add soft layers for volume. An effective strategy to flatter a rectangular face shape is pairing its sharp features with smooth, round textures such as Joan Smalls’ blunt textured bob with some face-framing layers for a polished and professional appearance. Curly or wavy styles may create a horizontal movement to draw attention away from the length of your face and add dimension. Alternatively, for those preferring something more classic, a brushed-well side-swept bang is also suitable for rectangular face shapes.

Heart Face

Heart Face Structure requires a hairstyle that reduces the emphasis on your forehead while accentuating cheekbones, such as chin-length, angled bobs with side-swept bangs, or something more daring like pixie cuts. Jennifer Matos, celebrity stylist and founder of Rita Hazan Salon, notes that wavy or curly hair with face-framing layers can also look good when styled on this facial structure, provided the strands don’t become too thin or tightly kept. Long strands parted down the center (like Kourtney Kardashian’s) or pulled back into an elegant low ponytail look incredibly stylish and attractive on this face shape.

Diamond Face

Diamond-shaped faces are ideal candidates for a long blunt pixie with eye-skimming bangs featuring slight angularity to play up cheekbones and make you appear younger. A deeper side part could extend diagonally across the forehead and crown, but avoid one-length blunt bobs or middle cuts as these will only emphasize their angles further. Ashley Greene showed that a high ponytail could widen a narrow forehead while highlighting your impressively symmetrical cheekbones. For shorter locks, a messy low bun would work just as well for running late in the morning or just lounging around on the weekend. Full fringes frame the Face beautifully and lengthen the forehead but ensure they are soft enough not to highlight a narrow forehead.

Triangle Face

As someone with a triangle face shape, it’s essential to balance your narrow forehead and wide jawline. A medium-length layered bob with thickly cut and even-trimmed edges could work wonders to complement this feature of your features. Avoid straight solid bob cuts as they draw attention to the chin area and can overshadow your smaller forehead. If you need longer amounts, opt for a fairy or long angled bob with lots of texture for maximum style and shape. Triangular faces often feature triangular features that draw too much attention to their chins. Instead, let strands frame your Face for a soft yet edgy effect; add side-swept fringe for added femininity!