The Best Hairstyle For a Chubby Face

There’s a misconception that voluminous styles don’t work well on chubby faces, but that is far from true. Wavy hair with a deep side part can add height and volume while diminishing the roundness of your facial structure. Try a long shag with curtain bangs to draw attention away from wide cheeks and make your neck appear longer and thinner, flattering chubby faces beautifully while efficiently managed. This style makes a statement simple enough to maintain!

Long Bob Haircuts

A long bob haircut may be your perfect solution for an eye-catching yet glamorous hairstyle for chubby faces. It will emphasize your beautiful curves while lengthening the neck. Additionally, adding curtain bangs balances out the proportion of a chubby face. If your chubby face is heavier, try opting for a shoulder-length shag that delicately frames your face and uses texture to slim down cheeks and make your cheekbones appear smaller and narrower. Pair this with dark root smudging and deep side partings for maximum slimming effect!

Feathered Pixie Cuts

Feathered pixie cuts are an adorable and easy way to elongate chubby faces by adding height and volume to the head while simultaneously lengthening neck and forehead length. Play around with different side parts, such as zigzag or other types, to make this style even more stylish and sophisticated; medium wavy hairstyles with side bangs also work well on such faces.

Short Bob Haircuts

Add layers to your bob for some added face-framing volume by adding short layers. This style works equally well on thick and thin hair types, creating an approachable and youthful style. A choppy texture and an off-center part also work to distract from round chins – perfect for women with full faces! Choppy bobs with bangs can be an attractive style choice for people with chubby faces, adding plenty of personality and flare. Choppy bangs also help frame the face and hide rounded foreheads.

Medium Length Haircuts

A cute medium-length blonde hairstyle can help soften a round face. Easy to maintain and feminine in style, blonde’s versatility brings out the best in complexions while emphasizing facial features. A blunt cut lob with curtain bangs can also provide a flattering look on chubby faces, drawing attention away from cheeks and highlighting eyes while simultaneously masking double chins. Women with fuller faces may benefit from opting for a sleek comb-over as it helps to slim the shape of their faces while drawing attention to their eyes. Selena Gomez often sports this look, and it should also work on most people.

Middle Part Haircuts

A middle-part haircut is an excellent solution for round, chubby faces as it helps draw attention away from cheeks and chin areas. A textured middle-length bob with blunt bangs serves as an eye-catcher and creates length, which gives people with round faces the appearance of longer and thinner features. Medium wavy hair works particularly well when combined with side-swept fringes for an alternative, more extended bob option. Straight strands can help slim down chubby faces. A deep side part can elongate the front, while lighter blonde hues add dimension and give off an eye-catching glow that makes any occasion truly unforgettable. A kachupoy (or choppy bob) haircut can be one of the most flattering hairstyles for round, chubby faces since it requires little maintenance and will look great with any hair color. Its wispy strands add height while framing the face for balance and harmony.