Best Haircuts of 2020 For Men

As we enter a new decade, now is an opportune time to update your look. Luckily, 2020 hair trends offer looks for every length that can be tailored to fit your style and hair texture.

Add layers to your hair to create movement and volume while making it appear fuller. Layers can be tucked under or left loose for an edgier style, or they can frame your face to draw attention towards your eyes or conceal fine lines and wrinkles. A slicked-back textured layer haircut like this is an excellent way for men with longer locks to change their style without cutting all their locks off at once; it is elegant yet sophisticated enough for casual and formal events, especially when worn with full beards.

The pompadour is an iconic style with short sides and a longer top. Popularized by fashion icon Jon Kortajarena, it remains one of the best haircut styles for men due to its masculine and rugged appearance. Slick back or brush forward for different effects, often combined with scruffy facial hair for a uniform and complete look.

If you have long hair, consider getting a faux hawk for an alternative take on punk style. Worn by celebrity names like David Beckham, Zac Efron, and Travis Bickle as part of their signature looks – the faux hawk provides less intensity than its mohawk cousin while still looking cool and can even work well in workplace settings without obstructing vision or blocking door frames.

Men with long hair have plenty of styles from which they can select. From classic and polished looks like high fade and hard part to something daring like the skull cut (where the sides and back of the head are shaved using a razor), the options for personalization are plentiful. A skull cut also makes an eye-catching statement about who you are as an individual – perfect if you want something edgier that stands out in a crowd. This dapper style adds extra character when worn with a full beard.

This unisex style works well on both men and women, being gender-neutral in that both sexes can wear it. This cut can quickly adapt to different hair lengths and textures; famous names such as Priyanka Chopra and Camila Cabello have recently donned this look.