One of the Best Hairstyles for Over 50

Your hair is integral to your style, but that doesn’t mean going super short to look modern and fashionable at any age. This blonde balayage bob with brow-length bangs does an outstanding job of concealing gray while adding dimension and character.

Selecting a Shape and Hue

Selecting a shape and hue that flatters your face and lengthens your jawline is crucial in creating an elongated jawline. A soft buttery blonde blue shade offers a classic yet youthful cut option.

Sleek and Straight Bob

Age gracefully in style with this chic and sophisticated chin-length blonde bob haircut that frames your face beautifully. Style this layered cut straight or with some wave for an edgier, natural tone. Additionally, its light shade helps disguise graying hair well.

Long Blonde Feathered Bobs

Long blonde feathered bobs can help you age gracefully while maintaining beautiful locks. This cut can hide forehead wrinkles while adding volume to thin locks. Plus, its short layers create a movement for an ageless finish!

Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircuts can be one of the best solutions for covering up an increasing number of gray hairs while attenuating their effects and giving you a youthful appearance.

Honey-Toned Feathered Cut

An elegant blonde bob with brow-length bangs is one of the most flattering hairstyles for women over 50, especially when combined with light highlights. This look enhances skin tone while adding youthful charm to any woman’s face.

Layered Pixie with Short Feathered Bangs

Layered pixie with short feathered bangs is another ideal hairstyle for over 50 women with thick straight hair. This cut helps conceal forehead wrinkles while also elongating their crown area – plus, its honey-brown shade makes for a chic, feminine look!

Classic Pixie

One of the best haircuts for over 50s, this sophisticated style allows you to grow a long section at the crown that flows gracefully to one side, and cut short for contrast and volume.

Long Blunt Bob

If you have long, straight hair, a blunt bob with a middle part can help slim down the features on your face. Add dimension with peekaboo highlights like those seen here on Dua Lipa’s neck-length blunt bob, or opt for a tousled style with beachy texture for added style. Try braiding your ends for an added touch – three-strand accent braids work great too!

Front Layered Cut

If you prefer having more movement in your hair, try opting for a front-layered cut. This style creates softness around the face while hiding fine lines on your forehead and emphasizing jawlines. Ask your stylist to add thinner layers on the top and thicker at the base for an elegant finish. Junior recommends using ARC scissors to avoid harsh lines and ensure a flawless finish.

Layer Cuts

Of all the trendy hair trends to come and go, layer cuts have stood the test of time. Easy to style and versatile across various lengths, these versatile looks offer drama through side or center parting or using pomade/gel/texturizing spray for additional volume and bounce.