Best Haircuts For Older Men

Men over 60 can still achieve a stylish and masculine appearance with the right haircut, including hiding their thinning hair or bald spots while looking great. These styles look great on any man – from the slick back, Ivy League, and masculine buzz cut, these low-maintenance looks will help you look your best! Try one today to look your absolute best.

Short with Shaved Sides

This classic look is ideal for older men looking to show off their sense of style. The wavy quiff adds movement, volume, and texture while its shaved sides create an elegant contrast – this haircut also works great if you need to conceal widow’s peak or receding hairlines! There is no need to let thin or graying locks slow you down; these styles can still look stylish and dignified, matching perfectly with suits and jeans.

Short Wavy

Hairstyles explicitly designed to cater to older men must highlight their features while enhancing the natural texture of their locks. A thick slicked-back undercut works excellent when combined with a taper fade and rugged beard styles; alternatively, comb-overs are an elegant style for gentlemen featuring either chin straps or classic side parts. Short wavy crop tops are low-maintenance styles that work well for older men with shaved faces and beards. Their textural nature complements beards, while the shaved sides cover any patches of thin hair.


One of the best haircuts for older men is a crew cut. This style consists of short back- and side partings with longer top layers to lift your face and create a more youthful facial structure. Plus, beards look fantastic! Long comb over with mid fade is another classic hairstyle for older men, which makes an eye-catching appearance and pairs well with rugged beards for work or play. This stylish choice gives the wearer a versatile style they can wear professionally or casually.

White hair

An elegant yet distinguished undercut can be achieved with a combination of a white beard or salt and pepper mustache and a sleek undercut, finished off by adding some style with side part fade or using thick hair pomade like Bumble and Bumble’s Thick Shaping Creme for some added volume and texture. Graying or balding should never prevent you from enjoying a stylish haircut, nor should it impede finding one that complements your personality and lifestyle. Consider dyeing gray hair to brighten it up further.

Ivy League

The Ivy League haircut is an iconic style for older men. Also referred to as a crew cut or Harvard clip, this classic look can be styled for any event or function – making this style suitable for clean-shaven faces or those sporting beards. Short sides and a neat back with a longer top provide this style with an understated yet polished appearance. Men can comb their hair forward or add a textured quiff for a distinguished appearance.

Pompadour Fade

One of the trendiest hairstyles for older men is a pompadour with fade. This look pairs perfectly with full beards or salt-and-pepper mustaches. Create an eye-catching dapper look by styling a modern quiff with short sides and a long top. You’re sure to look your best for all occasions. No matter your age, having style is always possible! Take note of how your thinning hair is developing and which styles suit you best.

Crop Top

The crew cut is an excellent option for low-maintenance hairstyles for older men. Ask your stylist to trim the sides using scissors similar to what was used on top and style with classic side parts for optimal results. A big, sloppy Pompadour looks fabulous when combined with faded sides for an eye-catching two-toned look that exudes elegance and masculinity. This style is ideal for older men looking to show their personality while showing some edge.

Short Curly Crop

If you have short, curly hair, a small fringe can help make you appear younger. This contemporary, trendy haircut is easy to style and works well on most older men. A comb-over taper fade is an excellent choice for older gentlemen looking for an understated, classic style that complements connected beards and salt-and-pepper stubble. Furthermore, this haircut can conceal receding or thinning hairlines. Never hesitate to try a daring quiff! This youthful style can add flair and show your unique sense of style while hiding any thin crowning or widow’s peak areas in the crown area.